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Besides categorization on the basis of website type, themes are basically classified on the basis of how they are available in terms of money: Premium or Free. While there are a lot of themes available for free and pretty much do all the essential things you would normally expect from a basic theme, on the other side of the spectrum there are premium themes that bundle a lot of advanced functions as well as design features that give your website that extra push it requires to excel and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Premium themes are bundled with features like responsiveness, custom widgets, animation and scrolling effects, easy back-end control and a lot more. Fortunately, there are a lot of premium WordPress themes available online but in this post, we have collected only the 10 Best Premium WordPress themes of 2017 that have all the best features of 2016 as a base and then builds on this strong foundation with design and functional features from 2017. We have collected a theme from every category which is one of the reasons why we believe that you will find one of these themes great enough to glorify your website in 2017.

1. WooShop

The first one in our list is a great one for people looking forward to transforming their online store in 2017 into something that both looks and feels great. The theme is overall very modern and stylish and comes packed with customizations on top of the stunning and responsive layout and an excellent selection of features. the workshop is one of the best Ecommerce WordPress Themes for setting up a professional online store.


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2. Sensational

Bring the awesomeness of your blog to the fullest and convert it into something truly “Sensational” with this elegant theme. You get access to a lot of features that allow you to play with colors and layout styles, making your website a great portal to showcase your content or products. As the name stands, the theme is truly sensational and one of the best Responsive Magazine WordPress Themes that can be used for creating a highly engaging WordPress blog.


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3. Coupon

The coupon is a perfect theme for businesses that either in part or entirely have to deal with selling coupons and other similar services online. You will be able to impress your visitors and convert them into more sales with its highly professional and fully customizable design.


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4. Suisen

Another theme for an eCommerce website with full WooCommerce integration and carefully crafted features that will take your e-business to its full potential. It goes without saying that the theme is fully responsive and able to adapt to any type of device that is used to view it from, including tablets and smartphones.


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5. Music

Here is a little something for music aficionados who wish to sell music or present their portfolio online. The theme has been specifically made for artists, events, portfolio, photographers and the like. With this theme you will be able to embed a music player, an album playlist and even full-width backgrounds. The last feature particularly helps you to create a unique experience for your users as your content will shine while customized videos play as a background.


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6. JustFit

If you are passionate about health and want something that channels your passion by presenting all your knowledge and services elegantly then JustFit is the one you must try. The theme works great for fitness communities, personal trainers, online magazine publishers and even helps you create an awesome website for your local gym. On top of all that the theme will effectively show off your testimonials, results, products, workouts while you are also able to maintain a decent blog.


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7. ShopIsle Pro

Rated as number one WooCommerce theme on Themeisle, this one is great for any type of website including eCommerce online stores and simple portfolio websites. The theme promises to be an efficient combination of an awesome design, great customization options and a very responsive support team.


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8. Splash

The best part of this theme is its review blogging integration that allows you to share your opinion over a wide variety of topics, products and services across all categories. The theme has been built using the best coding practices and languages which, along with all its other features helps your content reach maximum impact.


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9. myPortfolio

Want something to showcase your work elegantly while also maintain control over all the customizations? myPotfolio has got you covered. The theme has an overall beautiful design and a layout that is maximally customizable and allows you to weave your website in a way that is able to keep your visitors in awe all the time.


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10. Ad-Sense

If you want a premium theme for website the odds of you wanting to monetize your website are pretty high. If easy monetization with an elegant design are high on your list then Ad-Sense has got you covered. To help you achieve your money making goals the theme features better ad management, ad placement, ad blocker detection and content locking for users with ad block which essentially makes them see ads they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.


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