5 Important Things You Need to Bring Camping

Are you one of the 40.5 million Americans that want to experience the adventure of camping?

Welcome to the club: it’s a fun and gritty one, indeed.

Camping allows people the opportunity to thrive on a minimal amount of items. In fact, the less you have on your excursion, the better. This means lighter-weight backpacks, easier access to the necessities, and a distraction-free environment.

So, what are the important things to bring camping? I mean, besides the obvious stuff like a quality tent and a love of the outdoors?

This guide will sift through the volume and narrow it down to the essentials.

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5 Crucial Things to Bring Camping :

Let’s try to move beyond the obvious.

What handy tools can you bring that have multiple uses? Truly improve your time? Make you happy you bought them?

1. A Sleeping Pad :

You’ve heard of a sleeping bag — but are you missing out on a great night’s’ sleep because you forgot to get an inflatable pad? Blankets and bundled-up clothing just aren’t the same.

These guys single-handedly change the sleeping game. They blow themselves up as they unroll, and fold up easily. Go for the lightest-weight option available, and even forgo packing a pillow.

Most pads have a pillow attached!

2. A Frisbee :

A plate. An activity. A cutting board. A paddle. A seat.

Once you put your mind to it, a frisbee can be any number of things. For a small hiking or camping trip, we highly recommend trying one of these bad boys out.

Let us know if you think of any other fun uses!

3. A Bandana :

Much like the frisbee, a bandana has a variety of uses.

If worse comes to worst, a bandana can be applied as a tourniquet. In certain situations, it can be used to cover an area of the body, like your head, from the sun. Or you tie something together when it needs repairing.

Tie it to the outside of your backpack and it takes up no room but is extremely beneficial.

4. A Fire Starter :

Regardless of the temperature outside, any type of illumination is good for your trip: i.e., fire, lighters, lanterns, and the like.

And if it is cold outside, starting a fire serves the added benefit of keeping you warm. Combined with a Yeti cup full of something hot, like tea or coffee, a fire starter is key to your comfort in the cooler times.

5. A Pair of Hiking Boots :

However casual or strenuous your camping adventure, a pair of quality, waterproof boots will only increase your ability to enjoy your time out in the wild.

Walk over rocks, hike long trails, thrive through rain and snow alike. Leave the Converse and the flimsy boots at home. Besides your hiking boots, a pair of lightweight sandals are good for getting around the campsite and making your way to the showers – but that’s all you need.

Get Outdoors :

Camping is one of America’s favorite outdoor pastimes for a reason.

There’s almost no greater opportunity to explore what nature has to offer us. Surviving outdoors is primal, exciting, scary, rewarding; it is everything and more than we expect it to be.

Don’t forget that this list isn’t all-inclusive. There’s so much more to camping, from insulation to water filtration, extra sun protection, and even more. Modify to suit your needs, and be minimal while also coming prepared.

Of the individuals camping today, 10.5 million of them are new or return campers. Do you want to be next?

Check out our travel blog for more inspiration!

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