5 Tricks for Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

You may already be familiar with social media marketing on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, but have you considered growing your business through Twitter?

Many tweeters assume that the word count availability limits marketing potential, but that couldn’t be less true. Businesses that know how to use Twitter to their advantage are able to create successful marketing campaigns that increase traffic towards their sites.

Here are just a few strategies for using Twitter to grow your business.

1. Write Succinct Tweets:

This is arguably the most important for any successful marketing campaign on Twitter.

With Twitter, your words are already limited, but it’s still important to be as brief as possible with your message. Even on Twitter, a massive bubble of text that takes up their entire feed will turn off your targeted audience.

Limit your tweet character count by focusing on your message. Remember that you can always include a link to a longer blog post or text page. Instead of explaining everything to your audience, use your tweets to suggest an offer to them. They’ll be more likely to learn more by clicking on the links you provide and discovering your business.

Let’s look at two examples:

New to the Los Angeles area from The San Fernando Valley to Long Beach? You’re going to need a smog test no matter where you live, and we offer a smog test near you. Click here to learn more.

You can probably tell that this tweet is unnecessarily long and rambling. The user can accomplish the same ideas in shorter phrasing, like this:

New to LA? You’ll need a smog test. We’ve got you covered.

This tweet is succinct. It successfully condenses the same message in a shorter word count, and it entices the reader to follow through by clicking on related links.

A succinct tweet is impactful. It has the potential to entice readers and shows that you are able to get your point across concisely. It also demonstrates that you understand how to use Twitter, which will make you seem professional, contemporary, and appealing.

2. Plan Your Tweets:

Social media users are known to impulsively post content, and it’s easy to think that your tweets have to be thought of on the spot. A great idea towards perfecting tweets for your business is actually planning them out.

You can do this by writing each one down on paper or a computer document. This allows you to plan when each tweet will be posted, edit before the post date, and adjust your campaign if your posted tweets aren’t landing.

3. Engage the Audience:

Successful marketing campaigns are not just brief but capture their audience through engaging visuals and participatory posts.

High-resolution photographs, intriguing logos, and succinct videos go a long way towards making a tweet visually appealing.

You can also engage with users directly by using tweets to ask questions related to your business. To really boost engagement, interact with users in the comments. Use Twitter to offer promo codes or create polls to enhance your relationship with your audience.

4. Plant Hashtags:

Just like with Instagram, it’s important to also plant hashtags. These are a powerful tool that allows readers to find your business through trending feeds. By using a current hashtag, you increase the potential of being found by a user who otherwise might never have become a customer.

Just like your word count, remember to limit your hashtags. Nothing is more off-putting or unprofessional that a string of random hashtags in a single tweet.

5. Consult a Professional:

Adapting to any social media site takes time, so it’s important for users who want to take advantage of business growth potential through Twitter to seek help if they’re unsure of how to approach their ideal marketing plan.

Reach out to an established marketing agency like digital marketing by Edge. SEO and online marketing agencies will understand how to reach an audience via Twitter and will help you develop strategies towards your business goals.

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