6 Tips For Having A Perfect City Hall Weddings!

From saving money at the wedding venue to attending the wedding in jogging clothes to not having many guests, City Hall weddings have a lot of benefits.  And, while it’s of the simplest endeavors than hosting a destination wedding with 500 people, city hall wedding still needs some planning and foresight.

So, how can you have the best city hall weddings? Like any other wedding, start from the basics like deciding the wedding fee, organizing the day, preparing a guest list, and more.

Here are a few things you should consider before having a city hall wedding:

Research Everything:

While it might seem the obvious thing to do, it can stress, if neglected. So, start researching and gather every piece of information beforehand. This will help you avoid any unpleasant and bureaucratic hurdles that might occur on your wedding day.

Don’t forget the legalities of city hall weddings like having a wedding license and more. If you fail to do this, you might end up arriving without the most important document, and it can cost you delay in the wedding. So, do check your city’s official information page and go through all the details.

Think About How You Want To Celebrate:

Your choice of city hall depends completely on how you want to celebrate. Of course, you may not be having a luxurious wedding, if you still want some kind of celebration you need to plan things. But this completely depends on your choice.

At some weddings, couples book a small city hall wedding, but still throw an after lunch or have a photographer to give you memories like the Sf City Hall pics and more.

Who Are The Invites:

Maybe it’s just your parents, business partner or your closest pals- think who you want to invite. While it completely depends on your personal preferences, you would need some witnesses. Even if you are live streaming the ceremony, you still need someone to be physically present in the hall.

Just keep in mind that the person should be above 18. It’s also worth noticing the number of people that are allowed to attend the wedding. And this varies from city to city, for instance, in San Francisco; you are only allowed six guests, including the official witnesses.

 Make It Look Like A Wedding:

One of the best things about city hall weddings is you can legit go in the joggers and come out as a couple. But, just because you are not doing big things doesn’t mean you can’t get the wedding feels.

Get your dress ready, hair done, and get a beautiful bouquet handy. Don’t stress to make things look perfect; at the end of the day, all it matters is your relationship.

Let Other Couples Also Cherish The Moments:

At city hall weddings, you are not the only couple waiting to get married; there are other couples as well who are waiting for their turn. Ideally, every couple in the city hall is allotted specific minutes and once that time ends, wrap your things and let other’s come in.

Just be respectful and acknowledge that other people also want to relish their moments. Also, be little early to avoid any delays, because if you miss the time allotted, you might won’t get the same on that day.

You Can Celebrate The Day After The Ceremony:

All the wedding vows and rituals won’t take more than 10 minutes, which means you will have an entire day to celebrate. So, if you want, you can throw a simple afterparty to the friends and family. Head to your favorite restaurant or arrange a potluck at your place, the choice is yours.

If you have decided not to buck the full-blown wedding and choose to take the city hall ones, keep the above things in mind!

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