8 Business Benefits of Running a Survey

Category: Business By: Ariana Smith Posted on: June 19, 2018

There are tons of benefits to doing a survey. It’s one of the most preferred forms of research for many reasons. Easy, cost-effective, and accurate are among those. When you do a survey, you ask a selected or random group of people a number of questions. Once done, answers are collated and examined before forming a conclusion. If you have doubts about running one, these benefits might just convince you.

1. High sample size :

Surveys can be conducted on a big group which means you get to extract more accurate data that represents the attributes of a large population. So far, there is no research method that allows you to do this except for surveys. Most of the time, companies will conduct research on a few participants thinking this is enough to make conclusions. With surveys, you can be sure to draw conclusions that are more precise.

2.Cost-effective :

Considering the amount of information you collect, surveys are quite cost-effective. This is especially true today where surveys can be easily done online instead of interviewing participants in person or doing phone surveys. You’re not limited to gathering data within your area but from people around the world. Even with incentives, you still a ton of value from a response since it can be used for many purposes.

3. Flexible :

Surveys can be administered however you like whether it’s online surveys, social media surveys, email surveys, mobile surveys, telephone surveys, or personal interviews. For participants that are not within your locale, online surveys are often the best solution.

Surveys questions can also be phrased in different ways depending on the kind of information you want to get. Some of the more common types of survey questions include questionnaires, rating scale questions, rank order questions, open-ended questions, closed-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, dichotomous questions, Likert-type scales, and the semantic differential.

Each one has its own pros and cons so look into those first before opting for one kind of survey question. Study your target audiences’ likes; you can even do a combination of these depending on their preferred medium, style, and your organization’s budget.

4. Dependable :

If you do a survey that allows participants to be anonymous, you can expect that their answers will be unbiased. The anonymity allows them to answer questions more candidly and honestly, guaranteeing that you get accurate information for your research.

Of course, certain measures have to be taken to ensure that only qualified participants can partake in the survey and that repeat surveys are not allowed. If this is not an option for you and the participant’s personal information is important for your study, you can provide a disclosure that all survey answers will remain confidential. This ensures that still answer the questions as open and honest as possible.

5. Objective information :

Conducting surveys help you make important decisions from an objective perspective. Instead of relying on your gut feelings, you get to hear from the people and develop smart decisions based on the results. Analyzing these results let you address important matters immediately instead of wasting your resources on other methods.

6. A broad range of data :

Surveys can be about anything that you want –thoughts, opinions, beliefs, behavior, values, attitudes, factual). It’s valuable information which you can use to measure and compare results over time.

7. Collect information :

For some businesses, surveys do more than just give you useful insights. It can also be used later for targeted marketing purposes. But then again, not all people appreciate getting spam emails so have this disclosure ready before you begin the survey. Ask in a polite manner and participants will be more inclined to agree.

8. Clear feedback :

Better than any analytics figure is survey information. Instead of deciphering what numbers mean, surveys let you ask people straight up what they like and don’t like. Provided that the survey is well-written, you can easily yield important information which can be useful for your organization.

With the growing number of advanced survey software solutions in the market, it won’t be hard for you to get started running a survey today!

What are other reasons why you like running a survey? What benefits do you get? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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