A Quick Guide on 3 Mukhi Rudraksh

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A Rudraksh means-‘tears of Rudra’ in Sanskrit. It is a sacred bead, which is fashioned into rosary in Hinduism. Hindus regard the Rudraksh with great reverence and believe that it bodes good health and prosperity. It can be worn as a bracelet or as a chain.

The 3 Mukhi (face) Rudraksh consists of three natural lines on the surface. It is a symbol for Agni- the fire, which consumes everything. It helps the wearer handle and overcome any situation.

Ruling planet is Mars and days of wearing are Monday and Thursday. It is recommended for:

  • Children suffering from chronic fever
  • Gallbladder and liver disease
  • Stress and depression
  • Control of blood pressure
  • Influence on body organ is throat

Other Benefits of 3 Mukhi:

  • Just as fire destroys everything, this Rudraksh destroys one’s Karma.
  • It is believed that all past sins of the wearer are forgiven. It is a way of attaining Moksha.
  • It removes obstacles faced by a person due to past Karma.
  • It provides remission from the sin of committing an abortion.
  • It helps attain purity of soul and to live a life, free of guilt.
  • Protects from all sorts of diseases, accidents and blood poisoning.


  • Shiva Purana: Om Kleem Namaha
  • Padma Purana: Om, Om, Namaha
  • Skanda Purana: Om Dhum Dhum Namah
  • Om Namah Shivaya

Mode of Wearing:

Take the beads. Wash them with sacred Ganga water or unboiled milk.

Wear in the neck, chanting Mantra.

Who Should Wear?

  • Those who want to avoid malefic effects of Mars.
  • Those suffering from the disease.
  • Those who are weak, lazy and have inferiority complex
  • Those suffering from stomach disorders, skin diseases, eye defects.
  • Those who are depressed and need a boost of self-esteem.

Rules to Wear:

Wearers and devotees of Rudraksh enjoy peace, good health and prosperity. But one must take some precautions:

  • The Rudraksh must be worn only after Siddhi (purification rites and chanting of Mantras).
  • Rudraksh mantra is to be chanted 9 times daily, after removing at night and wearing in the morning.
  • It must be kept in the Puja room at night and worn after the bath in the morning.
  • The wearer should not consume alcohol or non-vegetarian food.
  • He must speak only truth and visit Shiva temple.
  • Rudraksh must not be taken while visiting a baby or to the cremation ground.
  • Women must remove it during menstruation.
  • Keep Rudraksh clean and tidy. Pores of the beads can attract dirt and dust. Clean this with any soft material with fine bristles. Change the thread if it becomes dirty. After it has been cleaned, wash Rudraksh with holy water. This is to maintain its sanctity.
  • Keep Rudraksh constantly oiled. After the beads and chord have been cleaned, periodically apply oil and treat with incense. This is crucial when you have kept the Rudraksh in storage for a long time and want to use it again.

These are some safeguards for wearing and maintaining Rudraksh chains and bracelets. Since it is a sacred ornament, most Hindus are not affected by 3 Mukhi Rudraksha price. Don’t be confused by shape and size of the beads. One has to buy the beads according to one’s gut instinct.

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