Here’s Why The Airtel Axis Credit Card Is The Perfect Credit Card For You!

Airtel Axis Credit Card has been gaining immense popularity lately, mainly due to its attractive features, such as welcome benefits, cashback offers, and so on. 

With these features, it has undoubtedly become an irresistible choice for many people. 

Let us understand its key elements in detail below: Read it and know what this is a best buy credit card.

1. Cashback Benefits


Well, this has to be the best. Airtel Axis Credit cards provide several cashback benefits to its customers. They are as follows: 

1For regular utility bill payments, for instance, electricity, gas, and so on through Airtel Thanks10%
2Airtel mobile with broadband facilities, DTH, wifi bill payments via Airtel Thanks25%
3Preferred merchants10%
4Other spends and merchants1%

Note: Cashback will not be applicable on fuel spends, EMI transactions, wallet loading transitions, purchases converted to EMI, jewelry purchases, rental payments, and so on. 

2. Welcome Benefits

credit card welcome benefits

It includes an Amazon voucher worth Rs. 500. Claim the welcome benefit by following the instructions mentioned below:

  1. Head straight to www.
  2. Submit the code of the gift card
  3. Press ‘Add to Your Balance’ 

With these steps, one can quite easily add the gift card amount to their account. 

In addition to this, you need to keep the following terms and conditions in mind as well:

  • Every customer needs to make the first transaction within 30 days
  • If a user ends up canceling, refunding, or choosing a cash transaction, they will not be eligible to receive the welcome benefits of Airtel Thanks Axis Credit cards
  • The welcome voucher will be applicable for cards that have been charged with a joining fee of Rs. 500 and taxes on their Airtel Axis Bank Credit card
  • The voucher will be sent to the registered mobile number or email ID within the first 30 days of meeting the requirements. 

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3. Complimentary Lounge Access

Lounge Access

The Airtel Axis Bank Lounge Access Program is based on the following entry types (rules of the program):

Entry Type 1:

The eligible cardholder does not have to pay any fee (exceptional than just a nominal swipe with the fee of Rs. 2 for the Visa facility and Rs. 25 for Mastercard options).

Entry Type 2:

The eligible cardholders need to pay a particular amount that will be displayed at the Participating Airport Lounge. 

  • The eligible cards have to be authenticated at the entry point by simply swiping a transaction for a small fee.
  • The lounge access program will be applicable only till 31st August 2025.

4. Fuel Surcharge Waiver


Another great thing about having an Airtel Axis Credit Card is the fuel surcharge waiver. So, come, let’s find out more about them in detail below: 

  • 1% fuel surcharge waiver on the purchase of fuel at every fuel station across our country
  • It is valid on transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000. However, the maximum benefit will be offered up to Rs. 500 per statement
  • The users will not receive a refund on GST charges on fuel surcharges. 

These key features make an Airtel Axis Credit card an exciting option for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Get the card in these few steps mentioned below: 

  1. Step one: Open the Airtel Thanks app and head straight to the ‘Shop’ section. 
  1. Step two: Click on the ‘Airtel Axis Bank’ option. In doing so, you will be able to view a screen showing the benefits of your smartphone 
  1. Step three: Scroll down below to tick the checkbox of ‘Terms and Conditions’ 
  1. Step four: Once done, select ‘Check eligibility’ 
  1. Step five: Then, follow the instructions as shown on the screen and submit your PAN Card details in the app 
  1. Step six: Fill out your basic information 
  1. Step seven: Enter the data about your employment 
  1. Step eight: Enter your residential details 
  1. Step nine: Complete the verification process, 

To sum up, an Airtel Axis Credit card is a great option for everybody. So, get one today and make the most of its attractive features. Also, install the Airtel Thanks App through the Android Play store or iOs app store, as it is one of the best recharge and bill payment apps that enable simplified online payments within minutes.


When you are planning to have a credit card, there are certain types of things that you must analyze first? What are the credit limit and the security aspects of the cards? Usually, credit cards are always giving a better financial advantage. That means you will get the privilege of paying after actually buying the products. But my suggestion is when you get any credit cards, always go for the security options. As secure credit cards give you better safety and security even when you are facing card thefts. And Airtel axis credit cards are among the best, most secure cards.


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