The art of Pairing Tiles

Category: Home Improvement By: Ariana Smith Posted on: April 11, 2018

With homeowners desire to refurbish their current home rather than packing up and moving on, tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for all rooms in the house. The difficulty that comes with this is knowing how to match them together. With a wider range of tiles available now more than ever before, how can you possibly decide which ones to choose?

The colors and styles you use in your tile choice will be dictated by the size of the room. Larger rooms are more able to cope with big, bold designs. It’s time to let your artistic side run wild.

Smaller rooms should be dressed with lighter colours and shades. White would be a perfect base for a smaller room, but by no means does it have to be boring. Pair this with some bright, primary colours and your room will feel vibrant and homely.

TOP TIP: Using slimmer tiles in a smaller room will make it feel wider or taller, depending on which way you lay them.

Complementing colours is the combination you need to create an interesting and aesthetically pleasing look. Clashing colours is risky and only advisable if you know what you’re doing! Harmonious colours on the spectrum will create a clean and flowing effect.

Monochrome if often dismissed as a colour scheme for tiles in the home as it can become quite cold and too industrial. This doesn’t have to be the case! The right pattern and design with monochrome tiles can create a modern and homey vibe.

TOP TIP: If you opt for plain white tiles all around, mix with bright and coloured furniture to make a fun and classy vibe in your home.

Consider the way your house faces. A south facing room would have more access to natural light during the day which makes them easier to design. South facing room are more forgiving which means you can work with bolder and darker colors, without drowning the room.

North facing rooms would require a little more planning in advance as the lighting would drastically effect the room. Matching your floor and wall tiles in north facing rooms will create a more open and seamless space, making the most of the light available.

TOP TIP: Pair deep colored grey wall tiles with lighter flooring and you’ll have a stunning aesthetic that’s will be hard to beat!

 Grout is another factor you need to consider when pairing tiles. Should you use the same colour? Different colour? Matching the colour of the wall grout with the colour of your actual floor tiles will create a seamless blend between the two and allow you more creativity when it comes to the pattern of them. Grout is often not considered an important part of tile shopping when it can actually be the difference between perfection and poor choice.

 TOP TIP: Use the same grout on the wall and the floor to create a harmonious effect. A light grey can look striking against different surfaces but can also create tranquility between the walls and floor.

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