Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard To Do

After a couple of dates — or, let’s face it, sometimes after a minute or two — you know this date isn’t going to lead to forever. So have fun for the moment, but realize you must break things off sooner rather than later. Wondering how to do it?

Well, there is no longer a reason for that long, drawn out, “It’s not you, it’s me,” conversation at your neighborhood coffee shop. Just join the “in crowd” and text it!

Loveawake, a free dating site, recently polled its users about texting and sexting and found that (no surprise) about 30 percent are flirting through text messages. But, even more interesting is that nearly half (48 percent) are using texts to break off relationships.

Another trend: If unhappy dates aren’t texting “It’s over,” they’re calling at a time they know you aren’t available and leaving a voicemail.

So, how do you do it? How do you break up through a text? Do you write a 5,000-character missive? No. Texting is short and quick. Don’t be mean, but be decisive. Here’s how to do it:

Don’t get cute:

This is not the place for a quick, “C U L8R,” which will be misunderstood as an opening for a future date.

Be Frank:

Don’t text that the date was wonderful and you’ve enjoyed talking to them over the past few days or months. Tell them you aren’t right for each other and wish them luck in the future.

Delete their number from your phone:

And their email from your contacts. And their messaging ID from your Instant Messenger. You’ve broken up. There is nothing to discuss at this point. Now, move on.

And if you’re the one being broken up with through a text? We won’t lie, it’s going to sting. But you can get through it without losing face.

Here’s how:

Don’t text them back. 
Don’t try to call. 
Do accept it gracefully. 

Breaking up through text is impersonal, and although you may want a reason, you won’t get it even if you do manage to contact him or her. So delete that number, IM ID and email address. Move on. You’re better off without someone who would lead you on for months and months.

By the way, it isn’t just breaking up that’s easier with cell phones. Daters young and old are using texts to flirt; it’s called sexting. Read on these tips on sexting. So, readers, what is your opinion? Is texting the best thing that’s happened to dating — and breaking up?

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