Bud Producing Feminized Seeds

The fact that only female plants produce buds, makes it suitable for growers looking to harvest seeds or growers planning to develop own strains of marijuana plants.  Many factors lean heavily in favor of the right kind of seeds that produce female plants and growers will find that the overall benefits gained from them outweigh advantages of photoperiod seeds. Here is a roundup of the advantages that will make a grower gravitate towards these seeds for buds.

• Avoid pollination through male plants

The chances of photoperiod seeds growing into male plants are high and with a ratio that could go as high as 50%, a grower stands the risk of seeing half of the plants becoming male plants. Not only does it hurt the commercials with lower bud producing plants, it actually increases the risk of the male plants pollinating the female plants. This means, that if the male plants are not weeded out, resulting in the female ones getting pollinated, the grower will see more seeds and fewer buds. Consequently, the seeds will also suck in all the nutrition that should have ideally gone to the buds.

• Growing ‘all buds’ producing female plants

With the right kind of seeds, growers can eliminate the risk of pollination and ensure that plants grow into bud producing ones. This will give better returns on investment and make ventures more profitable, rather than ending up losing revenues due to the wrong choice. While it will be difficult o put off the naysayers who put out arguments about these feminized seeds resulting in plants with lesser yield, the undisputed fact is that the use of high-quality seeds from the right supplier will give the right yield.

• What you want is what you get

What you want is what you actually get. If your goals are a good yield through buds, then you need to look at feminine seeds. If you intend to keep a strain of specific female plants running long, then it would be a good idea to get the female plants pollinated with the male ones, which will produce the adequate number of seeds which can be used to keep the strain going.  But it is important to understand that this is likely to result in foregoing the yield from the plants that a grower will be earmarking for seeds. Overall, by factoring in the various costs related to growing and buying of seeds, it makes good business sense for a grower to have his or her own seeds, rather than buying seeds from a supplier all the time. While it may be necessary to opt for seeds to start off with, or to replenish midway, it is possible to keep the purchase limited by maintaining own strain of the best seeds.

Growers need to have a plan in place for getting the right profits from marijuana buds. By opting for the right combination of feminine seeds and photoperiod seeds it is possible to see higher profit margins while at the same time maintaining a strain of the best seeds without repeat purchases.

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