Choose the Best BMW Model: The 5 Best BMWs of All Time

BMW is one of the “Big 3” automotive manufacturers from Germany that is known around the world.

The company’s motto is “the ultimate driving machine” and they sure live up to that standard. BMW is one of the world’s top producers of luxury cars that don’t sacrifice when it comes to performance.

BMW has created a line of dozens of luxury vehicles from performance cars to microcars with a classic touch that will please any car enthusiast.

Keep reading for a list of our top picks for the best BMW model of all time.

1. 507 Roadster:

507 Roadster

The BMW Roadster is one of the top convertibles ever produced. It was so popular in fact, that its production costs almost bankrupted BMW.

Fortunately, they bounced back to produce many other great models. The 507 Roadster lives on to be the model of perfection when it comes to classic convertibles.

When this car came out, it was designed to be a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL drop-top. The 507 Roadster came with a 140 horsepower V8 engine that took Hollywood by storm.

The car was especially popular among celebrities, with even Elvis Presley driving one.

2. Isetta:


On the other end of the spectrum, we find the BMW Isetta. Very different from the classic convertible discussed above, the Isetta was a massively popular microcar.

The model was a small two-seater with a 1 cylinder engine and just 13 horsepower. The car could reach a top speed of 50 mph.

Nonetheless, this model found great success and was produced for 8 years. In fact, it is one of the most popular microcars in the world.

3. M1

bmw m1

This BMW is known for its rarity and ingenuity.

The M1 was the first car produced by BMW’s M-division and its only mid-engine model ever produced. Originally, the car was created for BMW’s Procar Championship Series.

The company produced a limited number of consumer versions of this race car. Less than 500 vehicles of this model were produced and it was very sought after by fans of the luxury vehicle manufacturer.

4. X1


The BMW X1 is a newer model designed for the needs of the modern consumer.

This model is a subcompact luxury SUV that provides space and safety along with the classic performance and luxury feel always delivered by the BMW brand.

If you are looking for a modern BMW the will meet the needs of your family without sacrificing style, this model is for you.

5. 2002 Tii

In the early 1960s, BMW released a new class of cars that revitalized the brand.

These new models featured a unibody design and were sedans with a square edge. The also featured independent rear suspension and become the most popular vehicles that the brand had seen.

The 2002Tii was the first model in a new class of luxury sport sedans.

The Best BMW Model:

In our opinion, there is no one best BMW model.

The brand is unique in its offering of a wide variety of luxury performance vehicles with design to fit every consumer’s needs. Which model is best really comes down to which model is best for you?

For more information for car enthusiasts, check out the automotive section of our blog.

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