4 Key Concepts on Making Signage an Effective Strategic Investment

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Have you ever asked yourself how effective your signages on igniting consumers’ interest? Or you simply place them so you could have something like an interior or exterior design? Do not tell you just place signs outside your store because others have them.

Come on. We invest money to earn more, not to lose. Let us get you started out on the right foot on doing an effective strategic business investment with these four rule of thumbs on signage making.

1. 3 ½ Second-Rule

Three and a half second rule is a rule of thumb that gives business owners a chance to deliver their messages to passing motorists thru their signage within three and a half seconds before another car whizzes right on by.

It is difficult to read your message when you overcrowd your sign with many lines of texts and words. Another, overstated ideas on signs could look busy and decrease the reading speed of your signage. Your goal is to let your sign have optimal visibility within three and a half seconds.

How to increase your signs reading speed?

First, add borders on signages. Borders tend to increase signage reading speed by 26%, especially when your target is automobiles audience. It could manage the reading space that let viewers directly focus on the center of the sign.

Second, do the math when choosing the most efficient letter size on your signs. Distance and speed are the two essential factor when selecting the right measurement. Answer these guide questions: How far away do you want your sign to be readable? How fast people or cars could pass through the sign?

2. Typefaces

A typeface or font is considered as a part one’s company’s signature. Every distinctive letter style on various signage from different infrastructures offers contrasting feelings. You could reinforce brand recognition in your place when you can choose the right typeface for you.

Most customers are not conscious of typefaces. However, fonts subconsciously affect a signage’s style, way of delivery, and crispness of your message. Think of font styles as themes that would represent you and your business.

There are two categories for typefaces. First is that signs could be friendly, warm, and casual like that of McDonald’s. Another could be formal, serious, and traditional like some of those by Shieldco business signage.

What are the don’ts that I need to avoid?

Do not use fancy designer fonts like Script Style fonts on signs that are not visible from a distance. Better use it on stationery or business cards. Avoid using different letter styles in a single design, too. Do not overdo layout that your main message would not stand out.

3. Optical Center

Optical center is the area when human eyes tend to enter a design or page. Our vision typically gravitates toward a spot that is slightly above the mathematical center. If there is a logo above and information below in a sign, nudge the logo higher within the boundaries of a layout.

Another example is when placing a sign in a center vertically and mathematically accurate, it will look low. To solve this, again move the signage a little bit higher to correct this visual anomaly.

4. Power Kerning

You might never have heard about it, but power kerning is a powerful tool on signage making. It scales letters for better visibility. Proper scaling, perfect sizing, and precise spacing are prominent factors in designing. The same goes on signs.

How Kerning works?

Human eyes, with the help of our brain, could quickly notice irregularities on patterns. This is why perhaps most people could immediately point out mistakes, rather than good stuff. The thing is when there is asymmetry such as too much space, or little space between characters of a word, a reader’s eyes tend to stumble.

Proper kerning would fix this unevenness through adjusting the space between letters, making each character of a word together into a single unit. Consequently, a smooth flow of details from the text would be easily delivered to one’s brain.

Nowadays, many applications that could easily do the job of kerning for you. However, instances like do it yourself signs would let you address kerning issues manually. When doing it by yourself, there are a few things to remember.

First, uppercase characters are spaced to fit the following ceding lowercase characters. Next, big headlines require spacing adjustment to attain better visual consistency. Last, over kerning is done when doing some layout effects.


Minimal content could adequately carry out the meaning of your business.  Emphasize only the essential meaning. Remember that the fewer your words are, the higher understanding customers would get. You will know that you had reached your audience successfully when you delivered your message clearly and concisely to the customers.

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