Gone Country Cowboy Hats for Women

Most people are of the opinion that a woman rocking a cowboy hat looks both western, and chic. Cowboy Hats for Women can be a signature style for them.

The thrill of going country style, and the look too, has made a lot of women try out cowboy hats. Good news is, most of these cowboy hats are unisex, and can also be rocked by women. The fact that women are style-centric makes it difficult to choose a fashion item that will suit them.

However, these cowboy hats for women made by Gone Country are designed to fit any attire, plus they are available in a variety of colors, and shape. It does not matter what your style is, these hats can match well with anything you wear.

You can check out this collection to see which hat will suit you best.

Top 6 Cowboy Hats for Women:

1. Beachin:

This western style that is the cowboy talk for sexy and hot! The hat is colorfast and can be worn at a festival, or the poolside. It is also available in different sizes, and it can retain its shape. The hat is very durable and made with high quality.

2. Rita:

If you are more of a quiet, not-too-flashy, kind of woman, then Rita should be your new best friend. The very classy palm cowboy hat can be curled up to make it tighter, and fit better. This hat keeps heat away, cooling your head.

3. Silver Bullet:

For a more lightweight option, you can bite a piece of the Silver Bullet cowboy hat. It is fun to wear and allows for free air flow when worn. The elastic band absorbs sweat, making the hat very comfortable to wear.

4. Rebel:

This cowboy hat is a blend of rebel and patriot. The top of the hat is colored black, with the brim covered with the flag. Made with cotton felt, the hat can resist water, but is fully waterproof. It has a hot-rebel party look and can match anything.

5. Kenny:

Perhaps you are a die-hard lover of country music, and you are looking for a hat that will match your love, this cowboy hat is just perfect for you. The hat can be worn curled up, and it also protects you from the sun.

6. Judy:

If you are looking for a cowboy hat with a low crown, then Judy is your best bet. The cowboy hat, made with bangora, has a 3-inch brim and is very comfy and sexy looking.

Try the Cowboy Look:

Trying a new look requires taking a new bold step. A traditional western look fits anybody, and on a woman, it comes off as tough, beautiful, and hot. The style of the cowboy hats does not go out and is always in season.

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