The 3-Step Guide To Getting Your Very Own Custom Night Guard

If you’re suffering from jaw pain, TMJ disorders, constant tension headaches, migraines, cracked enamel, and bleeding gums, these are wall warning signs that you are grinding at night. Avoid grinding from ruining your daily life by fixing the issue that causes the grinding – by dealing with anxiety, stress, and tension in your daily life, you can reduce the chances of grinding.

However, if you find that you are already suffering from the grinding and that you need to take preventative care measures to avoid ruining your dental health, then it can be the perfect time to get your own custom night guard.

But what is a custom night guard? Do I need a custom night guard or can I use a store-bought night guard to protect my teeth enamel? Instead of buying one from your local drug store or pharmacy, purchasing a custom night guard is the best way that you can avoid any gaps in the night guard, fully protect against every single tooth, and avoid the grinding from wreaking havoc on your gums and enamel.

Let’s visit Teeth Night Guard Lab and see the steps of how to get your custom nightguard to protect your mouth health.

3-step guide to get your custom night guard – protect your mouth from consequences of teeth grinding at night

3-step guide to get your custom night guard - protect your mouth from consequences of teeth grinding at night

1. Speak with your dentist about the custom night guard

If you currently have a dentist, then you should visit your dentist to talk about your symptoms, your concerns about the teeth grinding, and your thoughts moving forward. Do you want to purchase a custom night guard or are you concerned about the financial burden?

Speaking with your current dentist can help provide you with information and help regarding how to purchase the night guard, the price of the guard, and how you can get the custom night guard made for you. Speaking with the dentist will put your mind at ease about the easiness of this process. Do you really need this accessory? Yes.

2. Get fit for the night guard

The next step of getting a custom night guard is getting fitted at the dentist’s office. Avoid going to someone new who does not know you – continue using your regular dentist so they will scan from your mouth, your oral history, and photo your mouth in the past. They will typically undergo an oral exam to make sure there are no other issues, fit you for the custom night guard, and begin making the night guard for you to take home and use.

3. Begin wearing the custom night guard

The last step of getting the custom night guard is simply bringing it home, wearing it, and enjoying the results. Although it can be uncomfortable at first – since it is tight and fitted to your mouth – make sure you continue wearing it. The more you wear it, the more used to it you will get. Plus, you will suffer from jaw pain, headaches, and toothaches.


If you are thinking of getting a custom night guard, it’s much easier than you may initially believe. All you have to do is speak with your dentist about your concerns, get fitted for the guard, and wear it every night to prevent cracked enamel, bleeding gums, and jaw pain.

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