How To Edit A PDF File Online: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you regularly send, receive, and share PDF files with people and on digital platforms, this article will make your life a lot easier. Simply edit a pdf file and use it for your next assignments.

While most people use PDF formatted files, they do not know how they work or how you can make edits. Instead, they simply use the PDF format to share valuable information. But, the truth is that the use of PDF goes far beyond that.

PDF has now become an integral part of the content-sharing community. No matter where and what type of content you are sharing with others, PDF format offers the ease to access the information and document anywhere and anytime.

Is PDF A Ultimate Content Solution?

One of the most popular uses of PDF today is the use of marketing. Most businesses have made PDFs a part of their marketing campaign, where they share PDFs with their prospective clients and customers to make them understand their businesses and services.

In fact, businesses have also found the use of PDFs to drive traffic to their website. All in all, you can say that PDF is not just a file-sharing tool. But sometimes users feel a little bit disappointed because PDF editing tools are very available. 

Once any user knows how to edit a pdf file, the document access will become more versatile.

Ultimate Content Solution

While it is the most versatile tool to access documents, people still find it difficult to make any edits and changes. 

Although the process of making edits and changes is quite easy, people simply don’t know the right practices.

Seeing how people still find it difficult to use PDF to its full potential, we have come up with an article. Here we will share different ways to edit your PDF Online.

What Is A PDF File?

PDF is a file format that was also developed by Adobe. PDF is an abbreviation for a Portable Document Format File.

PDF files are the perfect way to share any information and valuable document with others. The reason why the PDF file format is popular all around the world is that it is also going to support the edit a pdf file features. 

  • eBooks.
  • Products manual.
  • Images.
  • Interactive CTA buttons.
  • Video.
  • Embedded fonts.
  • Hyperlinks and much more.

Because PDFs don’t rely on the software that created them, no matter which device you use to access PDF files, it will look the same.

However, before you open them, you need software like PDF Candy to open them.

 PDF File definition

How To Open A PDF File?

When it comes to opening a PDF formatted file, most people head right back to Adobe Acrobat Reader. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF file. But, it’s not the only software that allows you to open it.

The PDF file format is a program that is created by Adobe and can use almost any third-party software tool to open and edit a pdf file.

Most web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox can open PDFs on their own. So you may not need any extension to open PDF files.

While there are many software tools that help you open PDF files, we highly recommend using PDF Candy. It is the perfect software tool if you are after something more than just the basic features.

How To Edit A PDF File Online?

Editing is an important part of creating and editing a pdf file. Because of how easy it is to edit your PDF files, PDF format is popular.

While offline PDF editor software tools are there to help you with editing, it becomes challenging when you are not working on your computer. This is when you can take help from an online PDF editor.

Whether you want to remove pages from PDF online or want to add images, online PDF editors work the same as offline PDF readers.

Edit A PDF File Online

Sep 1: Upload Your Document

To use the online PDF editor, you need to upload the document of your choice. There are three ways in which you can upload the documents.

● There is an Upload Documents tab that helps you fetch the desired PDF from the system. Choose the PDF file, and it will open the file on the system.

● If the PDF file is not in the system, you simply paste the link of the file and the File Now button. This will help you create a file of the content on the link and edit a pdf file.

● Finally, you can use the Search For Document option to enter the document name and search it in the database.

After the upload is completed, you will be immediately redirected to the editor.

Step 2: Add Text To A PDF

Text is the most basic instrument for making any edits or changes. So, let’s start with this.

On the online editor, you will be able to see the ‘Add Text’ button. Click the button. This will allow you to use a rectangular box hovering over the document. You can navigate through the PDF pages and place the box where you want to add texts.

Even after you have written the text, you want to change the placement of the text. You simply need to change the location of the rectangular box and start to edit a pdf file.

Step 3: Add Image To PDFs

You can even add images using an online PDF editor.

To make your PDF document even more concise, you can use the add image feature.

To add an image, follow the steps for image edit a pdf file.

●   Find the toolbar and click on the inserted item.

●   There, you will be given the option of using database images or images from the system. If you want to use different images, you can simply upload the images.

●   Once the image is added, insert the image where you want.

While you are using an online editor, you can actually play with the image dimensions. That means you can change the size of the images based on your needs. This feature helps you make your PDF more presentable.

After The Edit Is Complete

After all the editing is completed, ensure that no errors are on the files. After ensuring that no further edit is needed, click on the ‘Done’ button. The system will prompt you to choose a saving option. Choose your desired saving option, and your document will be saved accordingly and edit a pdf file.



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