Your Essential Guide to the Top Things You Can Sell Online in the UK

More and more people are choosing to sell things online as a business endeavor, and this is partly thanks to business models and platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. But if you are thinking of going the same route and are wondering how you can make your online selling business a success, you need to know what products to specialize in and what to sell. There are, after all, some things which are more popular than most and which are easier to sell. There many products out there, but the key is to find the right products so that you can establish an excellent online niche. So what products can you import and offer in order to help grow your online selling business? Here’s your essential guide to the top things you can sell online in the UK.

Items for the home

Homeware will always be a big draw for UK consumers; you can’t go wrong with it if you choose wisely. And, the good thing is, it is relatively easy to find homeware for import, and you can market it easily as well.  The potential for profit is also better with homeware than with other kinds of goods, and they are also easy to ship. For instance, if you are selling cutlery and utensils, it’s easy to find containers or boxes for them; there are many suppliers of packaging materials such as white postal boxes, with companies like, and you can choose the best container for shipping without too much hassle. 

Other items for the home which you can conveniently sell online – and which will always be in high demand – include such things as glasses (especially wine glasses and pint glasses), mugs, novelty mugs and cups, clocks, tools for cooking, towels, mirrors, glass jars, blankets, mattresses, and hammocks. You can also opt to sell items that offer solutions for storage, such as shelves, desk organizers, laundry bags, and lunch boxes. 

Kids’ items

Kids’ items are also popular online, and the market for children and baby items is constantly thriving – and growing. When it comes to kids’ items, you can opt for toys (always a number one draw), but you can also opt for other items such as clothing (particularly pajamas and onesies), DIY kits and sets, pacifiers, bouncy castles, buggies and pushchairs, baby bottles, and playground equipment.

Clothing and various apparel

Clothing can also bring you a nice profit online, especially if you market it properly and can get a good supplier of clothing so that you can sell the clothes at a good profit. Some clothing and apparel include hats, caps, and shirts, and blouses, but you can also go a bit outside the box with watches, costume jewelry (rings, bracelets, and necklaces), gloves, leggings, glasses, and sunglasses, and purses. 

Leisure items

Leisure items are now a big hit as well, and whilst some things may be more suited to a particular niche, if you find the right market for them, it will be like striking gold. Some trendy and popular leisure and hobby items now include pool floats (yes, even in winter), special novelty blankets such as mermaid blankets, lighters, keyrings, phone cases, pens, notebooks, rollerblades, and scooters, sporting equipment, and even wigs.

There are also some aspects which make some products better than others. According to expert online sellers, products that are light in weight and small are always a good choice, as are products with a specific niche. Good luck, and may your online selling business be a success!

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