What to Do When You Feel that You are Getting Forgetful About Time

Time is essential for everyone because it cannot be prevented from moving or be taken back in case you forgot something to do that was due at a particular time. It is a different story if you happen to be forgetful about time. This problem is serious, and it can lead to unlikely circumstances like leaving all your work undone or failing to attend an important meeting with your clients. If you happen to experience any of these things, you should think of ways to prevent your forgetfulness from worsening.

Make a to-do list including the time to accomplish things:

To make yourself remember the things that you need to do, make a list that indicates when you need to perform your tasks at work or even at home. It is easier to do the list than exhausting your mind trying to remember everything that needs to be done. It will also help you to bring back your sharpness in responding within time according to the schedule.

Set the alarm on your watch:

To help you, even more, set your watch for an alert to remind you of the time and what you have forgotten to do. You do not need to bring an alarm clock with you. A simple wristwatch with alarm features on an Omega Nato strap can do it for you. You may also write down what you have done every time you hear the alarm to monitor any improvement in your forgetfulness.

Eat memory-enhancing foods:

eat memory foods

To complement your efforts to be more aware of the time, also consider eating foods that can help boost your memory. And since forgetfulness is the most common sign of Alzheimer’s disease, better face the fact that you are prone to this condition and think of ways to prevent it. Some foods can keep your brain healthy and can improve specific tasks, such as memory and concentration. Foods such as fatty fish, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, nuts, oranges, and eggs are suitable for the brain, specifically to help boost the memory. A cup of coffee, green tea or turmeric is also beneficial for the brain.

Seek professional assistance:

Acceptance is an essential step to take if experiencing forgetfulness and seeking professional assistance can help prevent your condition from getting worse. If you open yourself to the possible consequences that your forgetfulness might lead to, then your chances of overcoming it are high. Just take the professional advice seriously and pay a regular visit to your mental health provider to monitor your development from the time you started your treatment.

Tell your family about your condition:

To easily cope with your ordeal, inform your family about your situation. They are the ones who can help you along the way until you get well.

All people are not spared from losing memory. What differs from one to the other is when forgetfulness will strike. But this can be prevented as long as you practice time consciousness and give your mind time to relax.

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