Gardening Tips to Improve Outdoor Space

A functional and beautiful outdoor space broadens the living area available in your home. Homeowners want to create an inviting space in their yard, a place where the family intends to go each day. Beautiful gardens appeal to all of our senses, from the large variety of colors to different fragrances. It takes time and an eye to the details to improve your outdoor living area. Here are some single gardening tips to improve outdoor space.

5 Essential Tips To Designing A Beautiful Front Yard Garden

1. Add a Variety of Flowers or Flowering Plants:

One of the best ways to add color is by using a variation of flowers or plants. You don’t have to overwhelm your patio with flowers. There are plenty of herbs and vegetables that flower as well, such as Chives, Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil. Certain breeds of vegetable create flowers, such as runner beans.

Of course, the obvious choice for color is flowers. Contrasting colors spread across your backyard bring pops of color and interest. You can also select vining flowers to cover your poles or fences; they bring height and color to gardens.

2. Trim Overgrown Trees and Bushes:

Homeowners should focus on properly maintaining the plants already planted in their outdoor space. You may have large trees or bushes on your property line, creating privacy. These elements are fantastic, but they lose their attractiveness when overgrown. By using the best bow saws, you can trim off the dead or unruly branches. Bushes should be trimmed to keep their proper shape. Luckily, this chore needs to be done only a few times a year and takes just a few moments!

3. Create a Living Space:

Families love the opportunity to sit together outdoors and chat. One of the keys to a great outdoor space is creating an area where your family can gather together. You don’t have to spend tons of money; you can look for used items and paint them for fun. A couch and a few chairs give your friends a designated spot for sitting and enjoying the sights and sounds. Also, if you have the room, a table with chairs is the perfect place to enjoy picnics and dinners outside.

4. Grow Some Herbs:

Flowers are gorgeous, but they don’t serve a purpose other than their beauty. Scattered pots of herbs are useful; they add to your kitchen and create tasty food. Herbs also add bright pops of green and lovely scents that blow through the air. If you sit next to the lemongrass plant, you’ll catch its sweet scent as it blows in the wind. Mixed together, your outdoor space will have a pleasant fragrance.

Some great choices are:
• Rosemary
• Lavender
• Thyme
• Basil
• Parsley
• Lemongrass
• Dill
• Sage

5. Invite Birds and Butterflies:

Birdwatchers understand the joy in watching birds swoop in and out of your yard. While they can be a frustration if they discover your vegetable patch, birds are a highlight for many homeowners and children. Check out the local birds in your area and strategically hang bird feeders throughout your outdoor space. They also help to pollinate your flowers!

You want to invite more than birds. Butterflies are a gardener’s friend, as well as honey bees. They are attractive to wildflowers and bright flowers. The more flowers and variety you have in your yard, the more likely you are to have them visit. Butterflies particularly love:
• Alyssum
• Aster
• Bee Balm
• Butterfly Bush
• Daylily
• Calendula
• Cosmos

6. Eliminate Weeds:

Your primary job, once you have a fantastic garden area set up, is to keep all of those weeds at bay! Hand picking weeds is a possibility, but you have to remember to do it each week, or they will overtake your garden. Instead, apply a heavy layer of mulch to all of your flower beds. Remember to lay enough mulch down, or the weeds will just pop right through. There are many options for mulch; you can find a color that looks great against your house!

Creating an outdoor space take time and creativity. Spend some time observing what other people use to create the perfect area. Homeowners should use a variety of flowers, flowering plants, and herbs to create pockets of color and scent. Don’t forget to create a space for your friends and family to gather together to enjoy your hard work!

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