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A treehouse has always been every kid’s dream, but with the fabulous cinematic examples and the popular Discovery’s show “Treehouse Masters”, grownups too want their perfect natural sanctuary. Really, those among you who haven’t wished for a treehouse à la the ones are seen in Ewok Village in the “Return of the Jedi”, or something more classic like “Swiss Family Robinson”/ “To Kill a Mocking Bird” variety, raise your hand. Now that we have concluded that everyone loves them, let us “travel around the globe” in search of the best tree houses in existence.

Tree house

Three Story Tree House, British Columbia, Canada

This house is telling you to go big or go home, and we mean to your regular old down-to-earth home. The fact that this treehouse is located in the Enchanted Forest gives it an even more magical vibe. Located halfway between Sicamous and Revelstoke, this fairytale house is 47 feet high and there are more than 60 steps to the top floor. The original house owner, Doris Needham, was an artist who created the treehouse and its magical surrounding as a retirement project.

Mirror Tree House, Sweden

This house is a true example of thinking outside the box (though it’s actually one large glass box). This 13 feet glass cube is spectacular. Everything reflects in it, from trees and birds to clouds and sun, making it almost invisible. There were some concerns about it being invisible to the birds which might run into it, but the architects solved that by applying a special film they can see. Designed by Tham & Videgard, this amazing tree house serves as a hotel in the north of Sweden.

Tree house 2

Eco-friendly Finca Bellavista Tree House, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is already world famous for its ecological efforts, so it’s no wonder a tree house (tree top town) like this is built exactly in this country. A pioneer in sustainable living, Finca Bellavista holds a vast 600 acres of dense rainforest and a community of people devoted to conserving the nature surrounding it. The complex is connected by suspension bridges and ziplines.

Teahouse Tetsu, Japan

Designed by the architect Terunobu Fujimori, the Teahouse on top of the tree is a mixture of ultimate simplicity and incredible fantasy. Although the biggest contributor to the fantasy vibe are cherry blossoms, we can’t ignore the care and devotion dedicated to constructing it, and its “there’s no place like home” design. Indoors, the house is minimalistic and functional.

High-Tech Hideaway, Athens, Greece

We usually think of treehouses as the way of getting away from the hastiness of modern life, including the commodity or the burden of technology. However, this charming tree house, designed by Blue Forest, is exactly the opposite. It’s a unique cohabitation of Mother Nature’s finest and the wonders of technology. It accommodates all the gadgets you can think of, including night vision cameras, security system, and game consoles. Looking from the outside, it seems like something a Hobbit would build if he wanted to have a treehouse.

Tree house1

Your Favorite Tree, Your Hometown

Truly all of these houses are amazing, but you will find that the most beautiful of them all is the one you have. And the most satisfying feeling is when you make one for yourself. You can hire someone to make, or at least to design it for you, or you can go with the simple minimalistic design. The simplest way is to build a platform around the tree. If the kids will play there you should build some kind of fence (use rope or planks). You can leave it like that or take it to the next level with a real house with a roof, windows, etc. For that, you will need a lot of free time and appropriate tools. Unless you are an expert, you should search online for trustworthy drill press reviews, and seek out expert advice.

No matter if you’re a kid or an adult, treehouses are a fantastic getaway, safe heaven and of course, the place to play. Some of them are creative and different, while others are simple and easy-to-make, but we can all agree there is no place like (tree home).

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