Going to the Roller Rink? Here Are 4 Reasons to Bring Your Own Skates

Once you’ve caught the skating bug, there’s no way around it! You will be going to the roller rink at least weekly, and what could be wrong with that? Not only is it a great way to get that exercise you’ve been avoiding but it’s a great social activity as well. Why hang out in nightclubs and bars if you have a roller-skating rink nearby? It’s a whole lot safer and you surely won’t need to stay out till the wee hours of the morning to get in a bit of fun – unless you participate in an all-night skate party. Yes, they do still have those you know! In case you hadn’t thought about bringing your own skates, here are four things to consider.

1. Fit Is Everything:

In the very beginning when you were learning to skate, you were probably advised that fit is of extreme importance if you plan on spending any amount of time on your feet! There is nothing more dangerous than a pair of ill-fitting skates, which are often the ultimate cause of falling, injuries and sore feet. While you can rent skates at the rink, do they have a good fit for you? Remember, when others wear a shoe, that shoe starts to conform to the way they walk. The same happens with roller skates, so now imagine if hundreds of people wore them before you. Not a pleasant thought at all.

2. Trendy Custom Skates:

If you are going to be skating around dozens of other people, why not look your best? You can easily order custom roller skates that are a perfect fit as well as fashionable enough to wear in public. Gone are the days when roller skates were sold in black and white. Today, you can choose your own color, and actually help ‘design’ the skates you order.

3. Performance:

When you own your own skates, you learn the feel of them so that putting them on feels second nature. You will automatically know if something is awry and will know enough not to get out on the floor until you have had them repaired. Remember, even the best skates will wear over time and there few things worse than falling due to a damaged skate.

4. Athlete’s Foot IS Contagious:

You don’t need to be a germaphobe to be concerned about athlete’s foot. While it isn’t as wildly contagious as influenza and you aren’t likely to see an athlete’s foot epidemic at your skating rink, it still is contagious enough to cause concern. According to Mayo Clinic, it typically starts between the toes and is caused by sweaty, ill-fitting shoes. (There’s another reason to buy skates that fit properly!) That being said, with humidity being the main catalyst, wouldn’t it be better to avoid rentals?

While you might be able to list dozens of other reasons to bring your own skates to the roller-skating rink, these are four very big reasons to do so. Don’t have skates? The only thing you need to know is your shoe size and you can easily order them online. Want to look and skate your best? Bring your own skates.

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