How to Choose Running Shoes

If you get the wrong running shoes, you may suffer from foot pain, Achilles tendinitis, back pain, knee pain, and other foot conditions, especially on running distance or on uneven terrain. It’s important to take into account the terrain you run on, your personal tastes, and your running style before you buy a pair of running shoes. In order to help your purchasing easier, we are here to give you some essential information as well as tips on how to choose running shoes.

1. Determining Your Needs

Determine the surface you will be running on:

This will help to choose the best running shoes for your foot. In fact, you will need less traction and lighter weight for road/track running. It needs to have good traction, cushion, and support for uneven ground.

Identify the kind of running you will do:

Avoid buying athletic shoes that aren’t designed for running. There are a lot of different such as training shoes or walking shoes.

Get a professional evaluation for your feet:

Many running shoe stores offer equipment that allows you to analyze your gait as well as the foot type. So, you can know if you need support to prevent your foot or not.

Take your weight into account:

The impact between your foot and the ground will be greater if you are heavy. And, you have to purchase shoes with additional support. Also, you may have to ask your doctor help to decide on your shoes. This is really important when you already feel foot, back, or leg pain.

Consult a doctor about injuries impairments:

It’s important to check with your doctor if you have an injury because it can influence your gait or physical impairment. Thanks to your doctor, you can know the shoes that give you the best support.

2. Purchasing Your Running Shoes

Go to a specialty running shoe store:

There are many different designs in shoes that allow you to change the fit and feel of it. In fact, you sometimes feel uncomfortable with the shoes you choose because of their materials. So, it’s good to try on many different pairs at a physical store. If you get the wrong shoes, you may have to get pain, discomfort, or injury.

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Try on your shoe later in the afternoon:

The fact is that your foot will be swollen after a long day. Therefore, the ideal time to try on your shoes is later in the afternoon in order to avoid getting too small running shoes..

Consider a half-size larger:

It’s great to get a half size larger shoe than their normal street shoe. You can test your shoe by sliding your foot forward in your shoe. Also, you need to insert a finger between the heel of the shoe and your foot. Make sure there is a finger’s width of space if you don’t want to be cramped when towards the end of a run.

Ask questions about the features of your shoe:

You may spend a lot of money by buying a good pair of running shoes. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid paying extra for unnecessary features. There are some important things you need to consider for your shoes such as vents, transparent parts showing an “air bladder” for support, and the shape of the bottom.

Keep an open mind:

You need to take a lot of time to earn a lot of sweat in your new shoes. It’s necessary to try on many different pairs of running shoes until you find the best comfortable ones.

Ask about and make use of return policies:

Coming to many shoe stores, you may be returned up to a month after you have purchased them. For instance, when you feel your shoes are not suitable for your feet after a few test runs. Then, you can return and choose others that are more suitable.


In conclusion, wearing the proper pair of running shoes will give you many benefits. This allows you to run without pain as well as much different foot condition including knee, back, and leg pain. However, it’s not easy to choose the right running shoes because of a wide range of running shoes on the market today. Hope our tips will help you choose your shoes more easily.

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