How To Know If You Have An Addiction: 7 Common Signs

Dabbling in addictive substances is something, unfortunately, that many of us do. For reasons specific to each person, the way that those drugs affect us is always different. There are several aspects to hinter you how to know if you have an addiction in your body.

Sometimes environmental factors contribute to our abuse, and sometimes biological differences make individuals have a harder time getting off of a substance. In any case, it’s important to know when an issue is forming.How to know if you have an addiction

If you’re wondering how to know if you have an addiction, we have some tips for you to look over.

How to Know if You Have an Addiction:

We’ll go through some of the most common signs of addiction. Hopefully, our list will give you a better understanding of where you stand.

1. You Sacrifice for the Substance:

One common sign of addiction is that the user will give up things they love to use. Things that you love could be a number of things, and a lot of those things will be mentioned later in the article.

The point here, though, is that an addicted person will often put their drug of choice above things that they valued highly when they were sober.

2. You Haven’t Been Able to Stop:

Sure, it’s really hard to stop something if you’re addicted. Many people, however, don’t take the time to stop because they aren’t aware that they have a problem.

If you’ve been using for a long period of time without stopping, why haven’t you stopped? Have you been thinking about stopping but are yet to try?

Give it a shot and see if you can stop using.

3. Dropping Responsibilities:

If you have obligations to your job, family, and friends, beware if you start blowing them off to use.

Addiction often leads a person to ignore essential responsibilities such as picking up a child from school.

4. You Have Withdrawals:

If you have to stop using your drug of choice, you may notice that you have intense physical cravings. These may also lead to painful, agonizing withdrawals that only seem to stop if you use again.

This is a good sign that you should seek help for your substance abuse because many people find that withdrawals are too painful to go through without help.

It’s essential to go through these to get clean, though. So, how long does a drug detox take? It depends on the drug, but you’re going to feel a lot better when it’s through.

5. You’re in Financial Trouble:

Another large red flag is that you have put aside your financial goals, bills, and normal spending habits to make way for your substance abuse.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have enough money for this not to be an issue. Still, it is a slippery slope as you begin to use more and more.

6. Your Friends are Concerned:

It often takes people a while to confront their friends about a substance problem. If your friends are reaching out to you and asking how you’re doing, it’s likely that they see a significant change in your behavior.

7. You Rationalize Your Use:

Another common trait of someone who’s addicted is that they make excuses for why they use or when they will quit.

If your users weren’t a problem, you would be able to put the substance aside immediately to take care of your responsibilities and reclaim your relationships.

Think You Might Have an Addiction?

If you’re wondering how to know if you have an addiction, that may be a nominal sign that you should try to slow down and stop altogether. If our list has made you feel like you might have an addiction, we recommend that you contact help as soon as possible.

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