How to Make a Perfect Summer Retreat from Your Backyard

Category: Home & Garden By: Sophia Smith Posted on: July 22, 2016

Even if you don’t have any vacation plans for this summer, you can enjoy the full comfort of a relaxing getaway in your own home. By making some simple yet effective changes in your backyard, you can create a perfect summer retreat. The calming and soothing environment of your effectively organized backyard can provide you with great time and much-needed unwinding after a long day while saving you the trouble of packing for vacation and planning the whole trip.

Bring out the furniture

Use some old furniture that you have to create a perfect outdoor layout. There are many DIY solutions on how to make your own outdoor furniture as well. In case you have a specific look in mind, you can invest a little bit of money into getting some lawn chairs and outdoor pillows. You can also check some garage sales if you want to be frugal. Still, outdoor pillows are undoubtedly a great choice for a true summer retreat and a Zen oasis in your backyard.

Green walls

Isolate yourself from the noise as well as the unwanted looks from the outside. There’s no more perfect way to do so than by making some green vertical walls and gardens. For example, grapevine and wisteria make an excellent natural protective wall while providing the lucky observer with the beauty of their appearance. On top of everything, they will provide you with additional shade. When it comes to providing good cover from weather conditions, be it sun or rain, you can install waterproof shade sails and get yourself a great outdoor place for rest and lounging regardless of the weather.  

Add some details


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If you have a relatively big backyard you can enjoy its benefits a lot more. Simply put a bit more effort into its organization and décor. Water elements such as garden fountains, ponds, and outdoor pool can change the whole atmosphere of your backyard, not to mention that a pool would provide you with a refreshing splash during the hot lazy afternoons. Moreover, you can install a pool cover, set up a hammock, and/or a swing. Combined with high green walls, these can create a feeling of a movie-like forest setting and cut you off from the outside world efficiently. DIY swing and hammock tutorials are easily available online and you wouldn’t need more that one weekend to finalize this project.

The place for refreshments and hobbies

You probably have some old shelf lying around and taking up space. In case you don’t, you can easily get one cheap. Basically, you can use an open shelf in one corner of your backyard where you could keep your refreshments such as lemonade and even wine, but also keep your books, magazines, and other necessary stuff for an engaging outdoor fun and relaxation.

Effective lighting

For a cool summer evening in your backyard, it’s necessary to install adequate lights. For example, outdoor LED lights are a really great option since they don’t waste too much energy and are really cost-effective in the long run. You can also find some really pretty ones both for the ground and hanging lighting solutions. Also, placing some torches or candles can really create a nice mood while providing additional benefits – there are many types of torches and candles that actually repel insects, which can really come in handy during summer nights when mosquitoes can be especially annoying.

Open-air cinema

Any movie lover would really appreciate something like this. By hanging an outdoor movie screen and getting yourself a video projector, you can enjoy movie nights outdoors in the fresh air, completely surrounded by nature. Anyone who’s ever visited an outdoor cinema knows just how gratifying this experience is and being able to relive it every day in the comfort of your own backyard is pure perfection. Not many people can brag about being able to watch movies in the open air in their own homes, which is rather strange since this task doesn’t involve much investment or effort.

By taking the steps to change, decorate, and organize your backyard, you can get a lot in return. Not only will you get a perfect summer retreat but you’ll be able to enjoy it every day for as long as you want. This endeavor will end up costing you less than paying for some exotic vacation, but it will allow you to enjoy yourself as if you were in nature’s paradise somewhere far away.

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