Indian Navy 2019 – How to Apply Online for Sailor (AA & SSR)

If you are looking for a career option that is both respected and rewarding, then the armed force is a good option. Joining the defense forces of a country offers an experience that few other career options can guarantee.

Serving your country and your compatriots is a feeling that is incomparable to any other feeling in the world. Members of the defense forces are widely respected as being above mere civilians in the society. Anyone who joins the armed forces has an inherent leadership quotient built into his or her personality.

The Indian Navy- The Best in the World

The Indian Navy is not merely a job. It is a way of life. If you want to live a life of discipline and push yourself, a Sailor’s job in the Indian Navy might be the best decision of your life. If we are to protect the motherland of India, then protecting the sea is of primary importance.

In terms of commanding areas on the sea, the Indian Navy is entrusted with the task of patrolling, securing and monitoring a 7500 km coastline. This is no mean feat considering the fact that the Exclusive Economic Zone area or EEZ as it is called stretches well over 2 million square kilometers.

The Indian Navy boasts of having one of the biggest operations in the world, both in terms of manpower as well as in terms of expertise. If you are someone who looks forward to a challenge, the Indian Navy is the best career option for you.

Benefits of Joining the Indian Navy

One of the biggest benefits of joining the Indian Navy is traveling to unexplored and exotic lands. Sailors travel all over the world, exploring different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles. The amount of exposure they get in travel terms is unparalleled.

Serving the country and being called upon to help fellow citizens in times of distress like floods, drought, tsunamis, cyclones, and earthquakes is fulfilling. Being loved for your job by millions of people in the country is an added benefit.

In terms of pay, retirement benefits, insurances, and allowances, few other institutions come as close to the Indian Navy. The financial benefits are more than adequate compared to millions of other jobs in the industry. In addition, the retirement benefits along with coverage for families and dependents will always offer you a peace of mind that other jobs simply cannot give.

If you want to develop your leadership skills, the Indian Navy will give you more than many opportunities when it comes to shouldering responsibilities. As you rise up the organizational hierarchy, your leadership and responsibilities will also increase. You will be leading teams of people who will look up to your advice and suggestions.

How to Join the Indian Navy?

The Indian Navy is asking individuals to apply for the following current openings-

  • Sailor for Artificer Apprentice (SAA)
  • Senior Secondary Recruits (SSR)

The Indian Navy SSR and the SAA are positions that are open to individuals who have just passed out of schools. Both the positions offer a very healthy pay scale, multiple benefits and privileges, and best post-retirement conveniences.

The openings are for the batches that are supposed to start from 2020 onwards. There will be a Medical Fitness Test before the Indian Navy will formally select candidates.

If you wish to apply for the above positions in the Indian Navy, you can apply through Sarkari Results today. A career in the defense forces is not for everyone. If you feel you are someone who feels strongly towards serving your nation, you should definitely apply.

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