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One of the oldest forms of art that have given insights to our ancestors has been pottery. While different vessels and materials are presently in use for all our cooking and decorative purposes, traditional clay pottery art can never be replaced.  However, it is important to master the art of pottery and learn from an accomplished and creative artist .one of the most famous and popular classes on the sunshine coast are pottery classes conducted by Joe Ottaway.

Classes for all – including beginners :

The classes conducted here include sessions for beginners.  Though it is highly possible that many students enrolled for the classes already have some kind of experience,  the entire classroom learns basic skills of pottery together and then he focuses on each individual student as per their specific strengths, interests and skill levels.  It is important to understand that pottery involves a certain level of dedication and motivation in addition to patients. For instance, it would be necessary to knead the clay into the right consistency depending on the kind of pottery objects that are being created by wheel throwing.

5-week session of intensive training :

During the first sessions of the class, students get to learn all about making basic simple pieces of pottery on the wheel.  Students progress to various stages in the art of pottery and associated glazing work through the pottery classes sunshine coast. Sunshine Coast residents enrolling for the course would be able to independently make glazed pieces of art pottery.  The length of the session is 5 weeks and during this period students will learn all about various shapes and sizes with the use of a combination to create their own pottery pieces.  Students who show an active interest and are creative would find the course to be very useful,  not just as a foundation but also as a method to learn from a real master at pottery.

Minimum physical activity :

It is important to note that pottery through wheel throwing involves a certain amount of physical activity.  Only those students who are interested to indulge in basic minimum required levels of physical activity would be suitable for these courses.   Additionally,  as pottery involves sitting in a particular posture for a specific period of time, it is advisable to take the recommendations of a doctor before enrolling for the sessions.  Because of the limited physical activity that is necessary,  it is highly probable that individuals who have a history of pain or weakness in the joints back and neck may aggravate the condition.

Kit/articles provided in the classes :

During the period of training, each student would receive articles including 5 kilos of clay,   various glazing materials and the use of associated tools and equipment necessary for pottery through wheel throwing.  Students who would like to try out and experiment with various shapes and forms would find it easy to try out their creations and improve their skills. Apart from the need to bring a towel to stay clean during the session students are not required to bring any other materials.


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