How To Market Your Attorney Practice

Marketing can be fun to get involved in. There are tons of creative outlets you can use to market your business or a client’s business. The more interesting the said company is, the more unique opportunities there’s going to be when it comes to marketing it. Service companies or companies within an already saturated industry are a bit tougher to advertise. Attorney practices for example will be marketed differently than a new pizza shop down the road. For attorney practices, you need to keep it professional and show merit in order to effectively market the service. This can get a little tricky. Here are some of the best ways you can market your attorney practice.

Have a well-made website :



The Internet is everything in this day and age, so if you don’t have some sort of presence on the web, you’re in trouble. You want someone to be able to Google your name or firm and have an appealing website come up. The design of your website is very important. Make sure you choose the best law firm website design.

On your website, you should have a list of your services, contact information, location, reviews, and other FAQ-type information. Make sure to also list any accolades you carry so that a first impression will include your past achievements. Without a website, you really limit yourself to the word of mouth marketing, which isn’t so good anymore.

Get involved with the community :

Networking amongst fellow attorney peers is important but it’s also important to network amongst the community because any of those people you meet can be a potential client. You can do a number of things to make a good name for yourself amongst the community. For example, you can sponsor a little league team, offer free legal services for a big controversy in town, or buy a booth at the local fair.

Become a member of a vanity marketing company :

Being nominated for membership for groups like Lawyers of Distinction is not only good for your reputation but also comes with perks that will help build up your reputation. Lawyers of Distinction not only present you with a plaque to display in your office, but they also offer very valuable marketing tools to help you get your name out there. Aside from publishing the membership roster in well-known publications like the ABA Journal and The New York Times, Lawyers of Distinction also has a new feature where they have a member directory on their website. This member directory includes all the members along with a short bio/profile. With 5000 views per day, potential clients looking for an attorney in their area nearly every day are seeing these members. This is a great way to expand your marketing reach for a small fee compared to other marketing techniques.

Don’t forget referrals :

In an industry where you’ll only know if you like the service once you’re ready to foot the bill, you have to rely heavily on reviews and referrals. This is important to keep in mind at all times. This means being professional at all times, working hard, hearing out every potential client, and dealing with the difficult ones extremely carefully. You don’t want someone talking poorly about your firm because if that spreads, you can kiss referral clients goodbye. Word of mouth is still a great marketing tool especially in an industry like law.

Hone in on customer service :

customer service

Good customer service goes hand in hand with maintaining good referral status. If it’s known that you go above and beyond for your clients, more people are going to come to you. You should pride yourself on having exceptional customer service. If you have attorneys that work underneath you, you should provide them with training sessions on how to handle tough situations and what it means to put the client first. Secretaries also play a large role. Most likely they’re the first person a client will interact with when they walk through the door or talk to on the phone. You want to make sure that’s a pleasant experience.

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