A truck accident is just as it sounds, devastating and fatal. No one ever hopes to encounter a truck accident, but unfortunately, it happens every now and then on Missouri roads.

Although the annual number of truck accidents in Missouri may seem low compared to the number of car accidents in the state, truck accidents are often more dangerous and fatal.

According to the Missouri department of transportation reports, accidents involving commercial trucks and trailers account for 11-15% of traffic deaths every year. Let’s look at some common causes of Missouri truck accidents to help you avoid them.

1. Driver fatigue

Commercial truck driving can be a high-stress, high-pressure job. In most cases, truck drivers are required to deliver goods to certain destinations over a very short period.

As such, they have to drive long distances with fewer breaks and rests to meet the delivery timelines. At times the distance to be driven requires the driver to spend several days on the road with a few hours of sleep.

Consequently, they are fatigued, lose concentration, and have a slow reaction time to road emergencies. Others actually fall asleep unconsciously when driving, leading to accidents. According to a truck accident lawyer in Missouri, driver fatigue remains the most common cause of Missouri truck crashes.

2. Poor vehicle maintenance


Commercial trucks are driven miles and miles for several days to deliver goods to different destinations. At times that involves driving on rough terrains to deliver goods in the rural areas. With the combination of harsh roads, weather extremities, constant driving, everyday wear, and tear and irregular maintenance, trucks tend to break down faster than regular vehicles.

Also, truck failure on the road is usually hard to control than in standard vehicles, and motorists are at a higher risk of injury when a truck accident occurs.

3. Weather extremities

Truck drivers are extremely affected by bad weather. As a matter of fact, truck drivers have difficulty maneuvering in bad weather conditions such as snow due to their heavy loads and slower stopping speeds.

In most cases, a trucker or trailer is at risk of hydroplaning, flipping over, or jackknifing when it loses control due to bad weather, especially during winter. Always leave ample space when trailing a truck in bad weather.

4. Poor loading techniques


Proper cargo loading is necessary for logistics. Warehouse workers should follow the appropriate cargo loading etiquette when loading cargo on trucks for transportation. But not all of them know the rules, and some ignore them.

Poor loading techniques such as overhauling can cause a truck to malfunction while on the road.

5. Poor training

There are strict requirements and even the number of training hours a driver should take to drive a commercial truck. However, some commercial truck drivers manage to hit the road without meeting those requirements.

Such drivers put the other motorists at risk because they are not well trained and lack the experience to drive commercial trucks.

The takeaway

Always be extra careful when trailing a truck on the road. You should seek legal representation if you or a loved one is injured in a truck accident.

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