Mix and Match the Bridesmaid Dresses Like never before!

Bridesmaid dresses have evolved over the passage of time. While many still admire the looks of the same colored and matching dresses, some people would prefer to try something new. Yes, the mismatched bridesmaid dresses do seem to be an amazing option, but it is incredibly difficult to pull off at times. However, when they are being arranged in the right manner, these dresses will be a delight to watch. To execute them correctly, one needs to think about the possible ideas that they could use in order to get the best possible dress.

Never delegate it completely

Some people think that mix and match bridesmaid dresses are bout giving a completely free hand to the bridesmaid, however, this is not the case. As much as the bridesmaid would love to do it on their own, they would be welcoming certain directions from the top. Hence, one must be constantly in contact with the bridesmaids and give them advice constantly so that they stay within the theme.

Don’t go for a single color

If one is planning to go for mismatched bridesmaid dresses, then they must not go for a single color. Having a mismatched with the same color just does not add up. Let your girls decide amongst themselves. Yes, give them suggestions as to whether you would love to have a dull or a bright shade but keep the color choosing option open for them. 

Similar dress styles in different colors

One of the best ways to nail a mismatched bridesmaid theme is to wear the same dress patterns and styles with different color combinations. There might be a scenario when one of the bridesmaids is in love with one of the dresses and wants the other bridesmaid to wear the same. This is the best way to satisfy all as this way everyone can wear the color of their choice and enjoy. 

Same colored dresses with different styles

Like same dress styles go with different colors, one can also opt to go for the other combo. It is highly likely that the lady of the night might want to go with the tradition of the bridesmaid having the same colors. This is possible with having different designs and patterns along with a similar color. If one opts for this option, not only will they be maintaining the ritual of the same color, they would also be allowing the bridesmaid to have the dress styles of their choices.

Finish up the look with similar accessories

Having a variety of colors, dress designs, and everything, there must be that one single component that draws all the bridesmaids under one umbrella. That one thing could be the list of accessories that the bridesmaid wear. It can be as simple as a watch or a belt. Let you bridesmaid decide what will go well with their dresses and you will be good to go. 

Getting the ideal bridesmaid dresses can be a hard nut to crack if one is not entirely ready to make the decision. Look upon JJ’s House to get the most amazing color combinations and choices for your wedding.

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