10 Reasons Why Audio Streaming and Video Marketing is So Important

Category: Marketing By: Guest Author Posted on: August 13, 2019

There are whole hosts of ways in which one can market their business through the use of the Internet. Nevertheless, one of the most popular and effective ways is through audio streaming and video marketing.

 So why is it important to utilize the advantages of audio streaming and video marketing?

 1.Easy to employ

Audio and video streaming is extremely easy to employ. It is something that all business can do, from general to niche marketing campaigns.

 2.Cost effective:

Not only is audio and video streaming easy to employ, but it is cheap as well. There are a whole host of different video and audio editing software packages available for free. And what’s more, the equipment needed, such as a webcam, a video recorder and a microphone, are elements which businesses are likely to already have.

 3.Low risk:

This point has a lot to do with the two previous points beforehand. Because video and audio streaming is easy to do and does not cost a lot, it is a marketing strategy that is very low risk.

 If things go wrong, and no difference in customer numbers or viewership were evident, then the business in question will not have lost much. However, if a business was to pump thousands of pounds into a selection of newspaper advertisements, then they would certainly feel the effects if that marketing campaign did not pay off.

 4.Massive number of people that can be targeted:

There are simply an endless number of people that can be reached through online audio and video marketing. YouTube is one of the most used websites all over the world, therefore, imagine the potential of viewership figures if one was to post a video on YouTube and market it effectively.

 5.Can be used in conjunction with social networking:

Social networking is one of the other types of platforms that can be used extremely effectively in a marketing campaign. Plus, there has been an explosion in terms of social media video growth in recent years. Between 2016 and 2017, views of branded video content increased by 258 per cent on Facebook and 99 per cent on YouTube.

 6.Great for product demos:

 Videos are a great way to showcase a business’s latest product and how to use it. People are much more likely to buy something having seen it on a video rather than having looked at a still image and read text about it.

 7.Gain people’s trust:

 It is a known fact that people are more likely to trust something when they see it or trust someone when they hear them. People are well aware that written words can merely be someone exaggerating. However, when a product is right in front of them on a video they know they are seeing the real deal.

 8.Great links to company’s website:

 At the end of the video, a business can redirect those watching it to their website. And it is likely that if an individual has been impressed enough to make it to the end of the video then they will certainly visit the website in question.

 9.Research shows it’s the best!

Studies and research show that video marketing is much more effective than other mediums, including; email marketing, blogging, podcasting, display advertising and search marketing.

10.Increase in profit:

All the factors mentioned above lead to one thing; an increase in profit!

 As you can see, there are many reasons why video marketing should be incorporated into your advertising strategy today.

 Video marketing connects with people in a way that the written word cannot. It presents a great way for showing off your products and generating trust. Give it a try and reap the rewards.

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