Research Thesis Statement Expresses the Judgment

Understand what a Research Thesis Statement Is:

Research Thesis Statement is the foundation of any research paper. It has many purposes to fulfill. If it does not meet these requirements, quality of the research paper suffers. When writing a thesis statement for research papers, students will have to know the purpose of the research as well as the purpose of the thesis statement. Thesis statement conveys the reader what the writer wants to prove or disprove with the results of his/her research. As the thesis statement is the foundation for the research paper, the statement should be written after careful thought.

Essential Requirements of a Research Thesis Statement:

To achieve its purpose, a thesis statement must have these essential requirements.

  • The thesis statement has to disclose the topic. If the reader still doesn’t know the topic after reading the thesis statement, the thesis statement has failed on this count.
    • It has to be assertive. A good thesis statement tells the reader exactly, what the paper intends to prove.
    • For the better focus on the topic, the thesis statement should contain only one idea.
    • It has to be as specific as possible to present the writer’s viewpoint clear without confusing the reader.
    • Thesis Statement has to be included in the introduction of the paper.

Learn the Process of Writing the Thesis Statements:

As formulating a thesis and writing a strong research thesis statement is a skill that has to be mastered for writing good research papers, essays, and theses, students MUST learn the process of writing thesis statements. Writing a thesis statement involves five main steps.

  • Identifying a general subject, and find sources and read to get background knowledge.
    • Selection of a narrow specific topic area within the general subject.
    • Identifying a research question related to the selected topic.
    • Find sources and information and form your opinion on a possible answer.
    • Write down the answer in a specific, clear and complete sentence.

Use the Thesis Statement as your Guide when writing the Research Paper:

A thesis statement serves as a roadmap to the reader. After writing a thesis statement it can serve as the guide for writing the rest of the research paper. The thesis statement should be used together with the information collected from initial research to formulate a thesis outline that will become the blueprint of the research paper. With the new information gathered on the topic, the writer may have to change or modify the thesis statement to a certain degree. Therefore the first thesis statement written by the writer is subject to change and is called the working thesis statement.

Thesis Statement is the key to a Successful Research Paper:

Research thesis statement is the key to the success of the paper. Without a strong thesis statement, it is difficult to write a good research paper that gets a high grade. Writing an excellent research paper requires writing skills practiced and developed over a long time and a thorough knowledge on the selected topic. Many students get professional help in writing a thesis statement, research paper and theses since it can help them complete the research paper successfully. They can buy thesis written by well-qualified writers with long years of experience and expertise in the chosen subject area.

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