Samsung Galaxy S9-release date, news, prices as well as features

Samsung Galaxy 9 was unveiled in the MWC 2018. Ever since then, many smartphone enthusiasts are waiting for more details about this phone.

One of the main features of this phone is the biometric input. Also, the mirror is able to capture the pictures easily in low light conditions as well.

What are the latest features in Samsung Galaxy S9?

The Super AMOLED display by DisplayMate is still one of the best options when it comes to smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 prize :

The cost of Samsung Galaxy S9 will be $ 720. In Europe, it will be around € 739. However, depending on the countries and the taxes, it can change a bit.

What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung Galaxy S9 has been launched on February 25. Users will be able to get the phone by March 16.

Samsung Galaxy S9 screen updates:

There are plenty of new features in Samsung Galaxy S9. Some of them include:

  • The upper and lower bezels are smaller as compared to the predecessor.
  • The pixel density is 567 pixels per inch.
  • The Infinity display design is almost the same as the predecessor.

The screen is 5.8 inches with a resolution of 1440 x 2 960. The high pixel resolution ensures that the picture is pretty clear. Many of the smartphone enthusiasts believe that the display of the phone is actually much superior as compared to some of the other options.

Samsung Galaxy S9 design:

  • The design is largely similar to the predecessor.
  • The phone also consists of a fingerprint scanner below the rear camera.
  • The headphone jack is still present on the phone.

Many people believe that the headphone jack will be done away with. However, the headphone jack is still present. On the other hand, there is a fingerprint scanner below the rear camera. The rest of the form factor is same as compared to the predecessor.

S9 looks much more futuristic as the screen is on the darker side. The line between the screen as well as the body of S9 is blurred even more. This is the reason why it looks much sleeker as compared to some of the other models.

The phone consists of 2 speakers in total. The speakers according to Samsung will be 1.5 times as loud as the predecessor. This is another reason why the audio output of this phone will be much better as compared to the predecessors.

The phone will be launched in 3 different color options which are:

  • Midnight black
  • Coral blue
  • Lilac Purple

Some of the countries will be also getting the titanium grey version.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera:

  • According to Samsung, the camera will be entirely reimagined.
  • The aperture of the camera will be variable.
  • The camera will be capable of capturing slow motion videos as well.

The camera comes along with a 12-megapixel rear sensor. This ensures that image stabilization will not be an issue at all. Also, the variable aperture ensures that you are able to capture the photos naturally. You will be also able to capture the photos at a much faster pace as well. This is a definite advantage.

Samsung Galaxy S9 battery:

  • 3000 mAh battery
  • The battery will be optimized for better power efficiency.

With all of these features combined, Samsung Galaxy S9 surely seems like a phone which is much better as compared to the other flagship phones which are available today.

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