5 Things You Can Do With a Sports Management Degree

If you’re thinking about going into a sports management program for your undergraduate study, you may be on the path to an exciting and unique field. While not everyone who completes this type of program ends up going into actual sports management, there are plenty of opportunities for those with an interest in this career. When it’s time to select your undergraduate major, sports management may be the right choice for you.

5 Things You Can Do With a Sports Management Degree

Here are five different possibilities for those who major in sports management.

1. Coaching a Team

One of the biggest draws of a sports management program is its ability to prepare future sports coaches. Those who are looking to make a career out of coaching a professional or collegiate team can get a wealth of resources about being a better coach through an academic sports management program. Learning on a college campus also gives students access to a variety of potential coaching situations with a large number of sports teams.

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2. Leading an Organization

Next, sports management may be a great choice for those interested in becoming the leaders of the industry. Many different organizations have a need for knowledgeable people who have a sense about the business aspect of a team. This field has seen a surge in the number of women who are becoming power players across the field by holding various sports leadership positions. Some sports marketing articles have finally started to focus on the growing influence of women in sports.

3. Working in a Related Field

Another path for some graduates with a sports management major is a related field. One of the most natural fits for sports management graduates is in healthcare. Healthcare informatics is a growing field that could be a great fit for someone with a background in sports and physiology. For further expertise in this industry, obtain your mshi degree from Adelphi University online. Additionally, many people with a sports management background end up in teaching, usually in the subjects of Physical Education or Health.

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4. Managing a Facility

One possibility for this degree is to become a manager of a sports or health club facility. The most common type of facility is a fitness club. Other, more specific types of sports clubs are beginning to open up around the country. There are also many different kinds of national franchise concepts in sports or fitness that are starting to become more popular each year.

5. Counseling Athletes

Finally, sports management degree holders can also opt to work with individual athletes. Professional or collegiate athletes may need helpful mentors to assist them in making better choices for their careers in sports. Sports management professionals may work as sports agents or other consultants that work to develop financial packages and contracts for athletes around the world. For many individuals, this can be a fascinating and lucrative field to get into.


If you have your eye on sports management as a possible major for your college career, know that there may be plenty of options for you upon graduation. That way, you can continue to make fitness, sports, and health a priority in your life and your career.

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