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BPSC 2020 is the most awaited state civil service exam in the state of Bihar. Lakhs of candidates from across the state are waiting to appear in the examination and excel with high scores. Every exam has its own superlative and fixed set of methodologies to achieve high scores. Follow this useful approach system to help in your preparation and make the most of your available time:


  • The syllabus forms the most important part of the exam. Read and understand the syllabus in detail. Cover every topic of the syllabus in detail.
  • After completely understanding the syllabus part, take up previous year question papers. Understand the pattern in which questions are framed on topics. See and analyze how topics are framed into different questions. Look for repeated and most important questions you find in these papers. List them down.
  • At the end of this stage, you should have identified the type of questions, direct/indirect questions ratio, and difficulty level of questions, pattern of easy/difficult questions, and other related factors.
  • The next important task is to keep the best collection of books possible for your studies. Keep standard books for reference. Recommended books and reference books both should be kept handy while studying.
  • Prepare an effective time table that will allow you to finish the syllabus in the period you have. Stick to the time table every day without fail. Allot equal distribution of time for every section and paper of the BPSC 2020 exam.
  • Now begin with actual preparation. Prepare notes while reading. Highlight the most important facts and key points while studying in your notes. Revise these notes regularly.
  • For the section involving current affairs and general knowledge, following the three thumb rule will fetch excellent results. Reading at least two newspapers – one national and one local newspaper should do well. Refer to the commonly recommended yearly book of current affairs. Attempt general knowledge mock tests available plenty on the internet. Set aside at least one hour every day to update yourself on current affairs section without fail.
  • Candidates are naturally expected to know in-depth about each aspect of the state of Bihar. Be it history/ geography/ politics/ administration/ language/ culture/ statistics/ festivals/ literacy/ demographical data etc – be sure you do not miss out on any important information about the state.
  • Answer mock test series at regular intervals. Practice answering manually in OMR sheets. Identify good and speedy practices to help you achieve a good pace in your performance.
  • For the subjective part of the mains exam, candidates are highly recommended to practice writing answers. Just studying through the topics will not help them in specifically framing good answers in the right moment of the exam. This aspect of good answer writing practice should be followed right from the beginning.
  • Study Indian and world maps in general. Analyze the Bihar map in greater detail. Locate important natural resource distribution, crops and vegetation distribution, weather and rainfall parameters, other important information on maps. Locate these on separate maps for better clarity in grasping the distribution. Questions related to maps are commonly asked in the BPSC Exam over the years.
  • Group studies for reviewing topics and constructive debates on various interesting parameters will support BPSC 2020 exam preparation. Candidates can also benefit from the interview round from doing peer discussions.
  • Maintain a good fact sheet of information and data and revise it regularly. Pictorial aids and visual representation tools like charts and graphs will help candidates in the long run.
  • Choose optional subjects wisely. Candidates have to select two optional subjects from the set of two optional groups. Select subjects based on your aptitude and interest in the chosen field and not based on popularity or common liking for the subject.
  • Among the options given for questions, start by eliminating the possible wrong answers. In recent years, the number of options per question has been increased from 4 to 5. So candidates have to choose the right solution with caution. The more the number of choices more is the more confusion for candidates. Follow the right strategy to clear the wrong options and arrive at the correct one.
  • General studies for prelims and mains can go hand in hand. It is a general misconception among many candidates that general studies preparation for prelims is relatively different from that of mains. This is mistaken and incorrect. Both the papers can be prepared simultaneously, at the same time giving focus to the pattern of questions asked.
  • The most recommended books for preparation include Spectrum series for History subject, Bihar Samagra newspaper for updates on local events in the state, Economic survey of the government of Bihar, Indian Polity by Laxmikanth, Lucent publications for general science subjects. Apart from this, candidates can also refer to the encyclopedia of general science for general competitions, by Arihant Publications. For economics, candidates can refer to “Indian economy: Performance and policies” written by Uma Kapila. On a general note, candidates cannot complete studying geography without giving referring to a good school atlas.
  • The general break up of subjects in the BPSC 2020 exam is followed in this pattern. Though this is not the standard pattern, and analysis of the trend over the years yields the following details. Candidates can follow this simple analysis to understand subject distribution:
  • History – 30%
  • Geography – 15%
  • Indian Polity – 15%
  • Indian economy – 5%
  • Science – 15%
  • Current affairs and General knowledge on Bihar – 15%
  • Quantitative aptitude section – 5%.
  • In general, apart from the main syllabus, recommended a set of standard books and reference books, candidates can have a brief overview of newspaper editorial sections and science magazines. They can utilize their breaks to glance through these materials, which will prove as supplementary sources for the main preparation.


Candidates should know their exam dates, center/venue details, and timings well in advance to reach the exam hall in time for the BPSC 2020 exam. Maintain a calm and peaceful state of mind during preparation as well as while writing exams. Focus on what is required to be written and make your answers presentable in an easy to understand language. Focus on the quality of writing and be precise in your explanations.

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