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There are tons of supplements out there today, I would like to share some popular ones with you, the obesity I feel you need to know. For those who don’t know what supplements are, they are a product that is meant to add a little bit to our diet, some can be taken in form of pills, capsule, tablet or oil.

They are extracted from different sources of foods or nowadays purely synthetic, they usually contain necessary classes of food such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. Well, I’m sure you all learned that your 3rd grade and higher institution.

First off, I understand some of us don’t completely get the nutrients we need from our food, so we rely on these supplements to help fill the gap, left for me, I would say we should all depend on food to get all the nutrients we need, but hey! We need these still, I’m also guilty of this too, when you live in this busy world, you’ll understand what I mean.


Do you know your gut has over 400 types of probiotics, don’t know what these are? Think of them as the good tiny bugs that help you digest food properly or good bacteria that help you fight bad bacteria there are also present in your – that sounds crazy, I know.

That’s not all, they also help you fight infections that surround your digestive tract and control inflammatory bowel disease. What can this do as a supplement?

When it turned to a dietary supplement, they help you prevent diarrhea, cramps (no thanks to medications and antibiotics.

Before you head for work, make sure you take one as you will be sure to get a healthy digestive system.

There are other ways to get the supplements, some of which are yogurt, kefir, etc.

When shopping for probiotics, there are certain things you need to always look out for, some of which include the strain of bacteria and the dosage.  bacteria aren’t one size fits all come on different bacteria manage different conditions, make sure you look out for that.


One of the vitamins that are trending in the research industry today.  As a kid, we were told to stay outside in the morning to enjoy the sun if your childhood was like mine comma this was why your parents told you told you to do so. The sun is one of the major sources of vitamin D, I’m not saying you should stay in the sun, only a little bit of exposure can give you vitamin D.  Don’t get it twisted, there are two types of vitamin D, one is gotten from fortified foods (known as vitamin D2) while the other is gotten from the sun or exposure to Ultraviolet light (vitamin D3).

Vitamin D is known to regulate phosphorus and calcium in the body, according to the latest revelation, it is also responsible for I immediately the regulation of insulin in our body and our body. Both can also be converted to hydroxyvitamin D3, an active form in the blood.

If you are at higher latitude and you’re experiencing winter, there’s no way you’ll be able to get the d3 you need, so I advise you get it from eggs and sardines.


I have a thing for this supplement, I take it every time, one of the reasons why I do so is because I’m trying to boost my immune system, and OMEGA 3 can help me do just that, research also finds it beneficial for heart-related issues, inflammatory response and brain health too. There are claims that it can help boost our mood and fight depression, improve your sexual life and make you sleep better all of which is due to the fact that it serves as a building block for a healthy brain.

Natural sources would be your Salmon, the dark leafy greens, walnuts and of course, fatty fish.  I’m sure, one if not all of these are found in our everyday food, if no seems to be your answer, you can get it as supplements from a pharmaceutical company, they should also contain DHA and EPA, these are the two fatty acids that are responsible for keeping us fit and healthy every day.


The CLA Safflower oil pills are a form of dietary supplement, the formula is made up of mostly Safflower oil when used, it helps to increase the mass of one’s muscle and enhance your metabolic rate. Experts have deemed it to be the healthiest oil so far.

There are two types of oil that are extracted from the Safflower, the first has a higher concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids and the other is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids.

The oil is extracted from a plant known as Safflower. You could either take the oil by mouth to help fight diabetes, prevent heart-related diseases including the hardening of the heart. And for those in the fashion industry, they make use of this supplement to for hair growth.

And for women who have menstrual issues, safflower oil can help treat that too. The main reason why I didn’t add it to the other supplement is that it is not fully recognized. Take for instance, in the United States, the Safflower Oil is not approved by their Food and Drug Administration, you will only find them in some FDA registered labs (that’s why I’m bold enough to add it to the list).

To take it, you will need to consult your MD, since it can lead to some side effects that you might not know of. The best way to avoid these side effects is to take it by mouth or inject the oil emulsion (Liposyn)

There are other supplements that are worth mentioning too:

  1. Multivitamin
  2. Protein powder
  3. Green Powder

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