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How to make money on youtube

Every day more and more people use the opportunity to turn their knowledge and skills in the field of creating the video into an additional or even the main source of income, which can be created entirely without investment. If in parallel with the development of the YouTube channel, you want to develop your own website, then you need a guide for starting the online business. To create a site, you can exploit TemplateMonster, where there are many different templates, and you will definitely find something suitable for you.Do you wonder how to make money on YouTube in 2018? Then we will consider how you can earn on your YouTube channel and what you need to do in order to get the maximum profit at the current attendance. Method 1: Video ads:Placement of links to the site of the customer in the description of the video. The main condition that must be clearly observed is that such advertising should correspond to the theme of the video. Placement of contextual advertising Google Adsense in the video. This is a text message, which is shown for a while, most often at the bottom of the clip. To show ads, you need an account in Adsense, where you need to allow the display of this kind of information. Revenue depends only on the number of views and clicks on advertising. Placement of banner ads on the channel page. Payments are made either per click or per thousand layouts. The connection occurs through the same Adsense, so it is also suitable for all channels. Placement of commercials before or after the video. This kind is paid only if the user views 30 seconds of the commercial. This variant is for channels with good viewing depth.Method 2. Sale of goods or services: This is the second way that shows how to monetize YouTube. Based on the opinions of authoritative video bloggers, one can safely say that this method is the most profitable among others.For example, in the case of earnings on contextual advertising, you get only a small part of the money, thanks to which the advertiser sells his goods or services, which means it’s profitable for him.By selling your products, you accordingly receive all the money that you can earn from advertising. Method 3: Affiliate Programs:If you for some reason don’t want to sell your own products or services, then you can advertise on your channel products of third-party authors that correspond to the theme of your video blog. Method 4. Earnings on other people's videos: You can earn on YouTube without even having your videos. To do this, you will have to find the necessary videos and place them on your channel, and then they will be programmed into their affiliate programs, contextual or other advertising. Method 5. Earnings with streams and donations: You create live broadcasts, collect viewers, and motivate them to send donates. The method is suitable for channels that already have an audience. How does YouTube send you money? The advertiser pays Youtube only for displaying ads and for clicking on it, after which he gives the channel owner 68% of the price that the advertiser paid for the same view or click. How many views do you need to make money on YouTube? How many YouTube pays per 1000 views? An exact answer to this question can’t be obtained, someone earns 1 dollar from a thousand views, someone more. Everything depends on the topic and, of course, on the channel's audience. The average amount of revenue for 1000 impressions is $2. The amount is small, but at the same time, if the channel has an audience of 100,000 subscribers, then the monthly earnings will be quite significant.See Also:How to Start Business Like Swiggy. Your Simple Guide to GAP Insurance. These Small Changes Will Change Your Finances For The Better.