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Do You Really Want to Live on Mars? 3 Sustainability Tips for an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As I write this, over 316 million tons of household waste has already been produced this year. And it is only March.Luckily, a report from 2014 shows that 55% of the developed world population consider the environment when making a purchase.While being a conscience buyer helps, more needs to be done to cut emissions and waste. If we don't, then there won't be a planet to enjoy in a few decades.I personally use these 3 sustainability tips to keep the Earth and my wallet lean and green. 1. Energy Eco Tips: The energy we use at home provides a multitude of ways to cut back on our resources and carbon footprint. Use these simple green tips to save on the cost of your gas and electric while helping save the planet.Turn off the lights when you leave a room. Instead of turning up the heat or AC, dress for the weather. Turn off and unplug electronics when not in use. Switch to renewable energy by contacting local solar companies that can provide cheaper and eco-friendly energy options. Use LED lights or open the shades for natural rays of sunshine. Buy energy efficient appliances like a washer/dryer or gas stove.2. Reuse and Recycle: Being thrifty and nifty with your trash saves me from buying new things when I can fix up something old and keeps trash out of landfills when I follow these environment tips.Save glass jars for storage or use as planters. Buy second-hand clothes and furniture. Separate your trash properly to make recycling easier. Start a compost using your food scraps. Fix broken appliances, furniture, and clothing. Use reusable containers for food instead of plastic bags.3. Healthy Living Sustainability Tips: Sustainable living also includes our personal health and fitness as they can affect emissions too. From our mode of transportation to our diets, lifestyle choices take a toll on our environment just like our bodies.These green tips for healthy living should not be left off our list.Start a fitness routine to burn energy efficiently. Avoid animal products as they increase carbon emissions and use more water. Begin an organic garden to save food transportation costs, cut grocery bills, and eat a well-balanced diet. Take a bike to work to save on gas emissions. Use all-natural self-care products like sunscreen that won't poison the ocean. Skip eating out because you can choose the ingredients and save on traveling costs when we cook at home.Saving the Planet has Never Been Easier: This may sound like a lot of work, but finding ways to implement these sustainability tips in our daily lives couldn't be easier or more essential than it is today.Companies usually an offer green section for recycled or eco-friendly products, organic food has now become the norm in most grocery stores, and renewable energy is accessible in any part of the world.Share with us your favorite ways to be environmentally friendly in the comments below.Read Also:How Cleaning Helps Us Feel Better And Why We Don’t Do It Why You Must Embrace Green Home Technologies? Seven Simple Ways For Achieving Cozy Bedroom Environment: For Perfectly Night Sleep