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During his lifetime, Edgar Allen Poe wrote hundreds of stories, many of which are considered some of the best in the genre. He was known for his Horror tales and Detective stories, and his influence on modern writers is still seen today.CareerAmong the first and foremost writers to develop the style known as horror fiction, Edgar Allen Poe was also a poet and critic. His writings inspired the French Symbolists of the late 19th century to alter the direction of modern literature.Despite his literary ability, Poe had to work to support himself. He wrote for several journals, including the Gentleman's Magazine and the Evening Mirror. His poems and short stories often featured criticism and analysis. He was a leading figure in the "art for art's sake" movement.As a youngster, Poe had a close relationship with his foster father, John Allan. Their relationship was strained by Poe's excessive gambling and drinking. He became an editor for the Southern Literary Messenger, a periodical based in Richmond, Virginia.Aesthetic philosophyVarious scholarly essays on Edgar Allen Poe have explored his aesthetic philosophy. These include such pieces as "The Raven," "The Philosophy of Composition," and "Poetry and Resurrection." Each of these is a systematic account of Poe's writing process. For example, the order essay on "The Raven" discusses the poem's merits in terms of its setting, brevity, sound, and theme. It also examines the values of the refrain.The essay on "The Raven" also introduces some of the main concepts of the aesthetic. These include the idea that art requires a delicate philosophy and careful and deliberate plan. Furthermore, these elements must all work in harmony. This is the same for a story since all aspects must be repeated to make a coherent whole.The essay on "The Raven" presents some of the philosophical concepts that Poe used when he wrote this piece. He explained that the poem's structure is based on themes, memory, and sounds. He describes how each element of the poetry contributes to its effect. He also elucidates his conception of versification.Detective storiesDescribed as the father of detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe is responsible for many of the features still used today. His first detective story, "The Murders in the Rue Morgue," was published in 1841. It was also the first modern detective story written in English.The story tells of two Parisian women who are brutally murdered. While the identity of the crime is not essential, the solution is. The main character, a detective, uses "analysis" to find the answer to how to buy essay. This concept is often used in future detective stories.Among Poe's many accomplishments, his creation of the elusive but not necessarily true detective story is considered one of the most impressive. His first detective story, "The Murders In The Rue Morgue," was the first modern detective story to be published in a magazine.Horror talesDuring his life, Edgar Allan Poe wrote dozens of stories. He is best known for his gothic writing style. His works are dark and disturbing. He is credited with developing several types of horror fiction.He is a prominent American author. His influence is felt in the art, music, and drama worlds. His stories address such issues as death, murder, and violence. Often, his stories deal with subconscious mental activities that cause ordinary people to commit terrible deeds.The main philosophical concern of Poe was the relationship between material and mental existence. He believed that madness was a natural part of the human condition and that a person could fall into it at any moment. However, he also thought a wholesome physical and mental life was necessary for a peaceful existence of a good argumentative essay.Influence on modern writersThroughout the 19th century, the influence of Edgar Allen Poe on modern writers was immense. Poe was considered one of the greatest writers of all time and greatly influenced many authors. He is famous for his writing style, macabre imagination, and detective stories. Several studies have been conducted to explore the influence of Poe on literature and the arts.Poe was the most influential writer in the United States during his lifetime. However, in the late nineteenth century, his influence spread to other countries. In particular, French writers recognized his unique genius and embraced his works with specific resonance. In addition, he influenced members of the French symbolist movement, which altered the direction of modern literature.Edgar Allan Poe was a prolific writer and editor. He wrote nearly 1000 articles, essays, and critical notices. He also served as a magazine editor and critic. His reviews often included technical examinations of the work. Moreover, he was the author of numerous books and poetry collections.Additional:What Is An Essay? Definition And What Are Its Parts6 Creative Skills You Can Use During Your Essay Writing ProcessStudent’s Guide: 14 Essay Types from the Easiest to the Hardest OneTips To Enhance Your Academic Performance From An Expert Writer Tutor John W From DoMyEssay | Сontentrally