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Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs

How Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World

If you have been following the news and are tuned to social media, you might have come across billionaires pledging sizable fortunes to charity. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others have pledged to donate more than half their wealth to improving the condition of the less fortunate in society. You will know about how Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs are changing the world in this article.Entrepreneurship is not only about working hard and earning millions, but it is also about feeling good about doing something valuable. Yes, you might get satisfaction from buying supercars and private yachts. However, beyond a point, all those things fail to excite you.In this article, we will look at what entrepreneurs are doing to change their society, one step at a time. We will also discuss some lesser-known entrepreneurs who are silently engaging in meaningful philanthropy. Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy: Relationship The trend of entrepreneurs giving back to society is not a new phenomenon. America’s old billionaires like Rockefeller and Carnegie were famous for donating huge fortunes to uplift the deprived sections of society.Owning and distributing is one of the key tenets of philanthropy. Entrepreneurs know that they have benefitted greatly from the society that has allowed them to succeed. They also realize that giving back to society has a spiritual and otherworldly connotation to existence.You might see some of the top CEOs and Founders talk about meditating early morning and believing in things like ‘Karma’. In simplistic terms, it might be about feeling good about yourself. It can also be about not feeling guilty about enjoying some of the best things that money can buy.Most of the entrepreneurs are not from lineage. They are first-generation success stories. They have seen their parents struggle when it comes to food, health, education, and other middle-class challenges. Their sense of social responsibility to philanthropy stems from their humble background and origin stories.According to Forbes, philanthropy is about solving social problems that can help establish large enterprises. It needs disruptive ideation, innovative insights and a real zeal to engineer change. Entrepreneurs are famous for exhibiting the just-mentioned qualities. Entrepreneurs making a real difference to Philanthropy:While news stories about Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs doing the rounds usually concern themselves with big billionaires, many others are doing just as much. In recent years, entrepreneurs like Matt Redhawk are trying to benefit society in multiple ways.Matt Redhawk dons many hats. He is a writer, entrepreneur, producer, writer, and mentor. He is also a philanthropist who likes staying away from all the publicity. His publication, ‘Drought and Dreams: Stories of Resilience During America’s Darkest Time’ provides fascinating insights about American families and their struggles during periods like depression.However, the best thing about people like Matt Redhawk is the way they are inspiring similar entrepreneurs to follow a similar path. Conclusion Entrepreneurship and philanthropy should be considered as a journey, rather than a destination. Rather than considering it as a goal in itself, people should think of it as a continuous process. With so much strive, struggle and destitution, everyone should definitely do their bit in alleviating the situation in their immediate society.In this article, we looked at the intricate and varied relationships between Philanthropy and Entrepreneurs. We also looked at how entrepreneurs like Matt Redhawk are trying to change the world, one small step at a time.If you know of similar entrepreneurs, pleas mention them in the comments section below, You can also email this article to your entrepreneur friends to inspire them to take up the path of giving.Read Also:7 Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs Courses For Entrepreneurs Are Worth It – Here’s Why Green Business Opportunities For Eco-Entrepreneurs


Courses For Entrepreneurs Are Worth It – Here’s Why

Being a self-proclaimed entrepreneur is hard. At first, you think it’s okay as long as you have a strong drive for success and an indestructible morale. However, as time goes by, you realize that there are simply things that won’t go as you expect no matter how much you will them too. All too often, a determination that borderlines stubbornness is not exactly the trick to getting what you want. More times than not, what you need is to do things the old-fashioned way – putting in lots of time and effort to better yourself in the field of entrepreneurship.Do you know how people always say “learning never stops”? Well, it’s true. It never does. Most of us seem to have this misconception about finishing college. We all tend to think that the end of a course is the end of all scholarly hardships. But let me tell you something: That is hardly the case – ever. Learning doesn’t stop at any one point. It doesn’t stop when you graduate from primary, secondary, or tertiary levels. Heck, it doesn’t even stop after you’ve acquired your Ph.D. You see, the world’s information is vast and ever-evolving. This is why you’ll never reach the end of it. The only thing you can do is to keep learning and adapt to the changing times.Of course, if we try to take in information all at once, our minds will probably explode. There’s only so much we can take after all. This is why instead of trying to digest everything all at once; I suggest that you practice “selective learning.” How Can You Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills? Are you familiar with the expression Jack of all trades but master of none? This is exactly the kind of person you wouldn’t want to be. A jack of all trades is a typical person that is capable of learning and doing almost everything he tries a hand at – but only to a certain extent. It means that he is knowledgeable about many things but he is never considered an expert on any of them. It’s like a plumber who can fix a sink but can’t fix a toilet; a carpenter who can fix a chair but not a table. Or, you could be an entrepreneur who can sell silver but not gold. Does this make any sense?A jack of all trades may be capable of a lot of things which is great but it is also because he knows far too many things that he can’t just focus on mastering one (read more). He is constantly in a state of confusion. And in the real world, being a “Jack” won’t cut it. Nobody is going to pay you for being an “almost” expert at something. It’s either you’re an expert or you’re not. The same thing goes with entrepreneurship.Why Take Online Courses? If you are hoping to get anywhere with your business career, you have got to stop being a Jack. If you want to sell, you have got to raise the bar for yourself. Dedicate most of your time and energy in trying to become the best entrepreneur that you can be. You see, legends don’t just happen – they are made. And you too can become a legend of your own in the field of business if you work hard enough.The very first thing that you should look into is taking online courses for entrepreneurs. Marketing, PR, Social Media Advertising, Public Speaking, Product Pitching, SEO, and Digital Marketing are just a few of the many supplementary classes you can attend to further enhance your entrepreneurial skills and abilities. The more you learn about entrepreneurship and the more you immerse yourself into the reality of becoming a successful businessman, the closer you are to making it all happen.You know what they say, if you want it, claim it. Yes, claim it as if it was always yours from the very start. Again, heed my advice: If you want to be an entrepreneur not just in name but in skill as well, take online courses. It’s your best bet to becoming better at what you do!Read Also:Quit The Rat Race: 5 Tips For Becoming An Online Entrepreneur Five Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Develop 5 Key Leadership Skills For Entrepreneurs

Social Media Marketing Campaign

A Comprehensive Strategic Partner for Entrepreneurs

A business can't succeed today without the help of marketing on social media platforms. More people than ever before are using social media to find the products and services they need, so it's important that your business is there to meet them. IdeaPros is a firm that specializes in working with entrepreneurs to navigate this competitive field by crafting custom, effective marketing strategies that position businesses for success. Here, one of the founders of IdeaPros outlines a few simple ways to have a successful and profitable marketing campaign on social media. Hire Copywriters for Ads: While free updates such as photos, videos, and links work well, and comprehensive social media campaign will include the utilization of paid advertisements. These ads will be displayed to social media users you choose based on a wide range of demographics. It's a good idea to entrust the creation of these advertisements to copywriting professionals, as you'll want to be sure that your ads will succeed and offer a positive return on your investment. Experienced copywriters know exactly how to craft your advertisements so that they will attract attention, speak to your ideal customers, and help you stand out among your competitors. Learn from Failures: Every business experiences marketing failure from time to time. Whenever a social media campaign underperforms, look as deeply as you can into the reasons why that may have happened. Past failures provide useful insights that will help you create valuable and better ideas for future campaigns. Embrace Transparency: Consumers today love to see behind the scenes updates from the businesses they shop at. Including these kinds of posts in your campaigns can easily improve your transparency and make your followers feel a more personal connection with your brand. Share information, photos, and videos relating to the inner workings of your business, its dedicated employees, your production practices and more. Go Live: Social media platforms now offer the capability to broadcast live updates to your followers. You can either schedule these live broadcasts around specific events, such as sales or other promotions or go live whenever you have something interesting going on at your business. Live broadcasts through social media are yet another great way to add a degree of transparency to your brand and interact with current and potential customers in a way that is fresh and fun. Many businesses also see great results by doing live question and answer sessions with their followers.These are just a few of the many ways that you can get better results from a social media marketing campaign. By learning from past failures, ensuring that your ads are put together professionally, utilizing live broadcasts, and showing more transparency, your brand will only continue to flourish and grow with the help of social media.About IdeaPros:IdeaPros is a Super Venture Partner™, who guides entrepreneurs with great ideas through the complexities and pitfalls of the startup world. Set on elevating the success rate of new innovative products and apps, their team leverages their collective experience to create demand among consumers and maximize upside potential for their partners.Read Also:Social Media Marketing Role In Technology How To Master Social Media For Businesses & Entrepreneurs


7 Startup Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

Everyone wishes to start their own business. But they may face many difficulties like not having enough capital to invest, lack of research ideas, and so on.Some points should be taken into consideration while starting up a business;For starting up a business one needs to invest their time and money. Entrepreneurs with excellent research skills develop great marketing strategies. At the same time, if an entrepreneur has a unique business idea, Private Limited Company Registration can be useful to gain more benefits from the Government. While starting up a business one should know the demand of the consumer and act upon it. Every startup requires a proper business plan with a vision, mission statement, and a set objective. Next, an important point which an entrepreneur must take into consideration is whether his business must conduct online or offline; if offline then will it be an office-based or home-based business. It is all dependent on the product or services which has offered.No one can reach a successful path without crossing the hurdles. And there are still many young entrepreneurs who struggle to build a successful business.So, for those young entrepreneurs, here is this article that will help you out in deciding the best startup ideas: 1. Online Freelancing Idea Online freelancing includes content writing and data entry. For content writing, entrepreneurs need excellent communication skills. Firms hire people for content writing. This business is purely online based. Many companies need people to write content for them. The organization outsources these services.Entrepreneurs need to be good in their language and thinking power. Those skills can help them to start their online freelancing services. Here the entrepreneurs need no investment. Their income entirely depends on the organization's goodwill and the number of services provided by them. 2. YouTube Channel After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine. Youtube is a platform for innovative and creative individuals. Many people create exciting videos and post them on youtube and make millions of money. Also, YouTube helps to get fame. This business idea is like a low investment and high returns.The advantage for the user is - YouTube is an independent platform where a user can create his channel and upload their video for free. There is no restriction about the video topic. YouTube also pays money for famous YouTubers. 3. Hand-Made Creative Jewelry Idea Nowadays, youngsters both male and female are doing this business. You need the skills to make this jewelry art. The primary material for making this jewelry is available both online and offline store at a cheaper cost. The demand for customized and handmade designs is very high among youngsters.This creative jewelry can sell through an online platform where there is more scope of sale and can also sell offline to friends, families, and relatives. Price of the product is dependent on the design of the jewelry.  4. Event management Those entrepreneurs who want to start up their business as Event organizers can start with small events like a birthday party or companies meetings. In this type of business, the event organizer requires workforce and other related services on a temporary basis. Event management coupled with creative and innovative thinking is a bonus. Contacts of suppliers and vendors act as the most significant support system. Here the goodwill matters a lot. The event organizer gets orders only through his past event management. These are relatively expensive business ideas the return of income is highly good. 5. Food Delivery Service Idea Food Delivery Service Idea is a growing and popular business idea where the profit is very high compared to any other services. In this busy world working professionals hardly get time to cook food. The customer tends to get attracted to those types of business services where it makes their routine work quick and simple. This business Idea is highly in demand. In this type of business, the investment is quite high at the same time, the return of income is moderate. One also needs human resources to deliver the cooked food to the consumer. You can start small by personally delivering orders within your local area and using a routing app to get routes ideal for multiple stops. 6. Bakery business Bakery businesses need high skills. Even an entrepreneur can start a bakery business by appointing an expert. Though a brand plays a vital role in people's minds in bakery business customers, usually prefer homemade bakery cookies, pastries, and cakes.In this business idea, investment depends on the size of the business. Nowadays, online bakery selling is also booming. You need a few contacts and marketing strategies to showcase yourself as unique from others. Social media helps in advertising your product. 7. Coaching class This is a services-based business where the return of income is very high. This business is a home-based business idea. Where entrepreneurs need to be expert in the subject which he or she is going to teach students. School teachers or college professors can also start this business for extra income. And the person who is illiterate can even start this business by appointing professionals to teach the students. Here the investment is a little higher. Conclusion  Afleo has come with the best startup business ideas for young entrepreneurs. Any plan to succeed takes time. The same applies to startups. Hope this article helped you out to choose your business idea. Cheerful Reading!Read Also :Six Low-Investment Business Ideas You Can Start Today Make Your Business Popular Online