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9 Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs When Starting Your Career

Marketing is a generic term that encompasses a broad range of career paths. There are several opportunities in marketing that can take in different directions and open your door to success. Now, if you are searching for the best entry level marketing jobs, then you have come to the right place!A marketing career attracts artistic and encouraging individuals. This career path in entry level marketing jobs is demanding as well as satisfying due to high salary rewards. A career potential in marketing is unlimited because it is used in every industry and company. A company requires an individual who can understand the marketing industry well and help them in the growth of their business.  Marketing Job Description - Duties & ResponsibilitiesA marketer is an individual who promotes products and services on behalf of a company. They are also responsible for boosting the company’s promotional efforts and increasing return on investment. Marketers create a message that describes the benefits of the company’s products and services to their target audience, and it directly affects sales. Now, let’s discuss the top duties and responsibilities of a marketer.Analyzing the results of the campaigns and reviewing the progress by making adjustments.  Researching the past successful campaigns in order to understand what is working and vice versa.  Conducting marketing research to understand the target audience’s needs, interests, habits, wants, and other factors used in targeted marketing campaigns.  Meeting with clients to discuss goals, budget, and brand guidelines. Helping team leads set, allocate, and control the budget of every project.  Creating a style for the brand that captures the attention of the target audience.  Collaborating with advertising, marketing, and sales team members in order to plan promotional marketing campaigns. Specifying a company’s target audience based on market research. Skills Required To Become A MarketerThe major part of a marketing career is that you need to understand the needs, preferences, and limitations that describe the target group of consumers. This is usually done by the marketing research team. Besides, there are some skills that are required to succeed as a marketer, and this includes the following:Research skills Problem-solving skills Writing skills Analytical skills  Communication skills9 Best Entry Level Marketing Jobs [Updated]If you are choosing marketing as your career path, then you need to understand this industry in depth. You also need to build a portfolio, engage in conversions, and stay updated with all the marketing data. The best entry-level marketing jobs depend upon your skills and interests. The job will allow you to showcase your skills and improve the same by working on them. At the same time, you can use those to reach your career goals.To reduce your time and efforts, we have listed the top 9 entry-level marketing jobs that will boost your career path.  1. Marketing Assistant A marketing assistant supports a company’s marketing team in tracking, executing, and planning the achievement of marketing campaigns and programs. The major responsibilities of a marketing assistant include the following:Organizing marketing events  Creating marketing materials  Assisting the marketing team on projects Analyzing data to monitor campaigns Creating and managing the production of marketing collateral Providing project-specific administrative support  Producing content for all social media platforms2. Content Marketer Content marketers help in the planning and the development of the organization’s content and strategy. They create content not only for the company’s website but also for the social platforms to increase the visibility and conversions of the business. The major job responsibilities of a content marketer are as follow:Working with clients to edit and modify the copy to meet the content expectations. Collaborating with PR and marketing departments Proposing copy concepts in an interesting way for clients  Researching the organization’s audience and market trends Helping SEO individuals  Contributing to content strategy and planning Creating engaging contents3. Media Assistant Another best entry-level marketing job is media assistant. They work closely with the media team and help in the planning of advertising campaigns across broadcast media channels and digital print. The major job duties and responsibilities of a media assistant include:Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with media outlets. Performing administrative duties Researching audiences and media channels Pulling and analyzing media reports Using media software to track the performance  Obtaining and analyzing media.  Monitoring media for the appropriate placement of ads4. SEO Specialist A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist optimizes the performance of the organization’s online content and web pages. They focus on the target keywords and make sure it appears on the top pages of Google.The major job duties and responsibilities of an SEO specialist include the following:Collaborating with blog writers and content creators.  Conduct keyword research for the company and clients Improving the ranking of the website  Developing a strong SEO strategy and tracking keyword trends Analyzing the search engine’s performance  Implement link building strategy  Track and report website’s analytics and PPC campaigns.5. Sales Representatives A Sales Representative recognizes and pursues new customers and clients for the company. They are responsible for selling the company’s products by educating the prospects and identifying leads. The major job duties and responsibilities of a sales representative include the following:Providing customer support Meeting sales objectives Building relationships with prospects Tracks all the sales activities in the company  Schedule meetings and presentations  Generating leads for customers  Coordinate with other team members to improve sales effort 6. Account Coordinator Account Coordinator is one of the best entry-level marketing jobs in 2021. These individuals are a part of the advertising agency and help to manage client accounts and campaigns. Thus, they provide day-to-day administrative support to account executives. The major job duties and responsibilities of an Account Coordinator include the following:Creating work schedules and project plans Managing account budgets  Helping managers create promotional events for the organization Assembling promotional materials  Addressing client queries and solving issues regarding the same Serving clients regularly Drafting sales proposals7. Digital Marketing Coordinator  A Digital Marketing Coordinator devises and implements marketing campaigns on online platforms. They help to create content and build the presence of an organization effectively.The primary responsibilities of a digital marketing coordinator include the following:Analyzing results of the digital marketing campaigns Building strong website presence on social platforms  Identifying business opportunities for growth and development  Organizing social media sites and creating online content  Manage email campaigns  Tracks website analytics and other reports.8. Marketing Analyst Marketing Analyst is one of the top marketing jobs for the entry level position. They conduct research, analyze data, and boost marketing efforts. The top job duties and responsibilities for the marketing analyst are as follow:Create specific research methods  Interpret data and formulate reports Utilize online marketing research and catalog findings to databases Develop research proposals and create reports to present data findings  Understand the marketing trends in-depth and community with other team members.  Measuring and reporting on marketing performance campaigns 9. Public Relations  Public Relations specialists build and maintain a positive public image for an organization. They create a press release or media that shapes public opinions of the company in order to increase brand awareness. In short, Public Relations specialists are responsible for maintaining a positive image of the company. The top job duties and responsibilities for Public Relations are as follow:Tracking press opportunities and speaking engagements  Works with managers to identify trends and group interests  Updating and maintaining web content  Preparing and editing organizational publications Understanding the organization’s objectives  Planning the development of programs  Establishing and maintaining relationships with consumers The Final Thoughts The above-listed entry level marketing jobs may lead you to a job in product management in which you would be responsible for the success of the brand. A marketing career is very rewarding and interesting in the long run. Thus, you can make your career in this field and enjoy high pay. 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