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How to Make Facetime More Enjoyable

Facetime easily connects us to our loved ones and friends anytime and anywhere. It has made communication more accessible for everyone especially if we live in different parts of the world. It’s available in Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. You can stay in touch no matter where you are. If you love Facetime, here are some tips on how to make it more enjoyable and memorable: 1. Use Effects or Filters:Source If you would like to play around during your conversation, Facetime offers a lot of filters to choose from such as animal filter, black and white effect, dreamy backgrounds and even scary ones and much more.How to use Effects and Filters:Launch the Facetime app on your gadget. Choose the person to call and tap on audio or video. Tap the filters icon on the left of the red circle. Select the filter you like and then tap the small x on the side to return to the call.2. Use Animoji and Memojis:Source Animojis were a big hit with IOS 11. A friendly lion, happy bear, cheeky Chinese dragon head, and a talking skull will mimic your facial expression in real-time. How cool is that? There is also the Memoji. This feature lets you customize the look of the avatar close to what you look like in person! These are the new features of Facetime using the new IOS 12 that will truly make your conversation more fun and exciting.How to use Animojis and Memojis:Launch the Facetime app on your gadget. Make a video call and then tap on the box showing your face. Tap the effects button on the left side of the red circle. Select the Animoji or Memoji icon. Pick out your preferred Animoji or Memoji avatar.=For the Memoji avatar, you can personalize the skin tone, face shape, length of hair, eye color, nose, mouth, and even your brows. It will look just like you in a cartoon way! 3. Talk in Group Chats:Source This is the most popular feature for family and friends who want to get together. You could be planning a special event, grand reunion, or simply a quick lunch date. You can add up to 31 people and that is a big meeting indeed. You can use a phone stand <do-follow> if you think your group chat will last for a while. This way, your hands are free to relax and do other stuff.How to make group calls:Launch the Facetime app on your gadget. Make a video call and tap + to add a person. Enter the contact name, number or email. Tap the added person to Facetime. Add up to 31 people to join your group chat.4. Play Conversation Games: To spice up your Facetime conversation, there are lots of new stuff to try to make your regular talks livelier, such as having conversational games. This will surely improve the quality time with your loved ones. This would come in handy when you ran out of things to say but still want to carry on with the talk.Here are some games you can try out on your next Facetime call.Two Truths and One Lie- This game is when you have to tell each other two truths and one lie which varies anything from your childhood days up to present. The other person has to identify which one is the lie and why. You take turns in this game. Song Lyrics- If you and your family or friends are music lovers, then this game is perfect for you. One person will have to sing a line from the song and the other person will need to guess the title. You can score on the correct titles and decide on the punishment or dare for the person who will lose. Movie Lyrics- On the other hand, if you are both movie lovers, then famous and best movie lines can be your game. The other person can guess the correct movie title from the dialogue given. There are thousands of lines to choose from especially on all-time favorite movies.Conclusion: Facetime is an awesome way to connect with your family and friends. It allows you to have quality time with them even when you’re not living under the same roof. Try out these awesome tips to make your conversations more fun and memorable!Read Also:Smartphone Addiction In Our Era Why Your Business Needs Call Center Tracking