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8 Family Friendly Careers That Offer Great Pay and Work-Life Balance

According to research, 33% of people are unwillingly stuck working on weekends and holidays. This lack of work-life balance can affect their both their well-being and their family relationships. There are many family-friendly careers that will enable you to enjoy life and spend more time with those who matter. Out of 38 countries that were surveyed for work-life balance, the US ranked at 30. This is due to the fact that Americans are mostly overworked and under-rested, leaving them little time to actually enjoy their lives. 8 Family Friendly Careers That Offer Great Pay and Work-Life Balance If you are wanting a career change, it is never too late to switch to a family-friendly career that will not only will you have a great work-life balance, but you will also make a great living doing what you enjoy. But what careers enable you to enjoy a work-life balance? There are many careers out there to choose from, it can almost seem overwhelming. That's exactly what we are about to teach you, keep reading to discover a career that is right for you. 1. Graphic Designer: If you have a creative personality, love working on computers, and helping businesses grow, then the career of a graphic designer is perfect for you.  You will need to be an excellent problem solver and have the ability to see minor details. Work-Life Balance: Being a graphic designer allows for a great work-life balance because you can literally work from anywhere as long as you have your computer and a wifi signal. Most graphic designers embrace the digital nomad lifestyle and travel the world, or work from home, spending more time with their families. 2. Elementary School Teacher: The career of an elementary school teacher is at the top of the most family-friendly careers list. If you love children and have great patience, this career choice is a perfect fit for you. Work-Life Balance: Because teachers only work during the school year, they have the entire summer off on a paid leave. This enables more time to spend with your family, traveling, summer activities, and lot's of free time to do what you love. 3. Web Designer: Thanks to the ever-evolving internet, the career of a website designer will never be outdated. If you love math and coding, you would love the challenging and lucrative career of being a web designer. Work-Life Balance: Because your work involves a laptop and the internet, you can literally work from anywhere you want to. You can spend more time at home with your family, or spend more time traveling the world as a digital nomad. 4.  Online Marketer: If you love the social aspects of marketing and want to have a lot of freedom with creativity, then the career of an online marketer is perfect for you. You will experience challenges that involve a knowledge of sales psychology and create unique campaigns to help businesses get more sales and awareness. The job changes frequently with the constant changes by social media and Google's algorithms, so it will always keep you on your toes to keep up with the changes. Work-Life Balance: The most exciting part about being an online marketer is that you can do this career anywhere, as long as you have wifi. You can have clients from all over the world and help businesses grow. 5. Software Developer: The high-paying career of a software developer is an ideal job for many computer lovers. Not only does it pay very well, but also, usually the companies that hire you will provide many awesome benefits and a positive work environment. Take Google, for example, they treat their employees to outings and picnics regularly, as well as health bonuses and three free meals a day! Work-Life Balance: Depending on your work environment, you could be working for an awesome company that focuses on giving a high level of work-life balance to their employees. It is definitely one of the most fun careers to pursue if you get in with the big companies. 6. Dental Hygienist: Being in the medical career field, the life of a dental Hygienist is rewarding and very fulfilling. You are helping people become healthy and have beautiful smiles that will build their confidence for life. Work-life Balance: Because of the clinical setting for a dental hygienist, there are usually no expectations to work on weekends or holidays. You will also work during business hours, and have the choice of part or full time. This makes being a dental hygienist one of the best jobs to support a family. 7. Hair Stylist: Being a hair stylist is a very rewarding career, usually, you get to wear your own clothing, and socialize with customers as you assist them to look and feel their best, boosting their confidence and helping them to feel amazing. If you are used to a boring desk job, becoming a hairstylist is pretty much an exact opposite. You will be standing most of the day, moving around, talking, and providing immediate results for your clients. Work-Life Balance: Because of the flexibility of the job, you can basically create your own hours, especially if you own the salon. This enables to you create a schedule around your family events and spend more time with those you love. 8. Pharmacy Technician: The career of a pharmacy technician is both challenging and rewarding. The duties involve tasks that take some mathematical skills and attention to detail, such as ensuring that the medications are filled at the right time. Work-Life Balance: Because of the typical hours of operation for a pharmacy, there is usually no expectation of long hours and overtime. This allows for more time with family and doing the things and activities you love to do. A pharmacy technician is one of the most family-friendly careers on the list, learn more about this great career if it interests you. Learn More About Family-Friendly Careers: If any of these family-friendly careers interest you, perfect! It is never too late to make a career choice that will give you a better quality of life and the ability to spend more time with your family. If you are ready to get started on a new career path, check out our article on how to rock your first job interview. Read Also: How To Start Your Career As A Financial Advisor? Top Things To Know Before Entering A Medical Career