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8 Home Gym Systems You’ll Want To Try Out

Are you building a fitness sanctuary in your garage or basement? You have to check out these 8 home gym systems. It'll be hard to choose just one. Home gym systems are accessible spots in one's home for exercising, usually situated in the garage or an extra room in the house. More and more people are opting for home fitness sanctuaries as opposed to going to commercial gyms because it presents certain benefits. Let's take a look. Advantages of Having Home Gym Systems : First, gym systems save time. Going to a commercial gym and back home would normally take up to an hour or so, but having a home gym takes just a minute to get to. It also removes the excuse of skipping the gym due to traffic if the commercial gym is located far from one's home. Another advantage of a home gym system is you buy the equipment just once, which is inexpensive compared to using a commercial gym. Commercial gym membership usually requires a monthly subscription fee and if you are going to be working out for many months or years, it might be more cost-effective to go for the home gym option. Lastly, one of the greatest benefits is adherence to the training. Having a home gym largely reduces the self-imposed excuses that you have for yourself on why you should not be working out. Adherence means not only doing your training but doing it consistently. At the end of the day, you're only going to be getting the benefits from exercise if you're actually doing the exercise right. Building the perfect home gym requires you to have excellent equipment and home gym systems that will help you reach your fitness goals, and train often and consistently. A home gym needs a product that is compact with the ability to do it all, and with no restrictions. If you are looking to build the perfect home gym, consider the best eight home gym systems listed below. 1. Thane Total Flex Home Gym : This ultra-compact system can also be thought of like a traveling gym as it can go along with you virtually anywhere and then be set up quickly for gym-quality workouts. When space isn't an issue, the ultra-compact Thane Total Flex is here to save the day. It easily folds up to the size of a suitcase and has a handle for portability. With over 50 exercises targeting muscles from head to toe, it has a reclining seat for lower body workouts and can fold up smaller than a suitcase. However, the resistance may be too low for the super fit. It is perfect for apartments but it's not optimal for big strength gains. 2. Marci MWM-988 Stack Gym : Tone your entire body with the versatile Marci MWN-988 stack gym. It offers a dual function for upper and lower body workouts. It also has an excellent flat station, all of which adds up to effective targeted training. However, it offers only about 150 pounds of resistance. It is built with strong steel tube framing and comes with high and low pulley stations. It assembles in just a few hours and is relatively compact. 3. Total Gym XLS : Designed for use by the whole family, the Total Gym XLS works with every fitness level and can help target almost every major muscle group. It has a 400-pound capacity and no assembly is required. It also comes with a short six-month warranty. It is also useful for workouts ranging from cardio to strength training to stretching. It offers compact upright storage and also includes 5 workout DVDs. 4. The Powerline BSG10X : It has a hard-to-find 10-year warranty on its frame. On top of that, it is built with 11-gauge steel which assures maximum strength-building potential, reliable functionality, and the long-lasting durability of construction. That means this investment will last, giving you time to learn the many ways you can use the system to develop gains and good habits. It features an easy to adjust 160-pound iron stack and is mostly assembled out-of-the-box. It utilizes military-grade aircraft cables and has 2200-pound tension strength. However, the foam handles tear over time. Powerline BSG10X is a professional gym quality unit. 5. Body-Solid EXM 3000 : Sculpt your body with an intense efficient workout on the Body-Solid EXM 3000. You will be amazed by this home gym's versatility. It features an easy pin weight adjustment, a small footprint that is ideal for tight spaces, and a workout poster that lists 20 exercises. It offers a wide array of strength training exercises for up to three simultaneous users, making it ideal for large homes and family workouts. It features contoured durafirm pads for support. It also has weight stacks that are within easy reach and a multi-function press arm station. It is one of the best home gym systems if you have the space for it. 6. Bowflex PR1000 : Anybody can achieve amazing results using the patented technology of the Bowflex PR1000. This home gym system features a flat pull down bar and a horizontal bench press. These are perfect for developing the lean toned and V-shaped torso many fitness fans dream of. It includes up to 210 pounds of resistance, a rail for rowing training, and a 300-pound maximum capacity. 7. Powertec Fitness WB-LS14-P : Reach your maximum potential with the Powertec Fitness WB-LS14-P. It features directly loaded weights for a natural feel but with the safety of a machine. This home gym system boasts a press capacity of a staggering 500 pounds. It combines a standard incline bench with the versatility of a single step press. Unlike many other home gym systems, no leg press gets in the way when you use the bench. Optional attachments are available and it's not limited by total stack weight. It offers an easy assembly with good instructions. It offers handlebars on the bench for stabilization and ipsilateral arms for better performance. Read more, for more informative content. 8. The Bowflex Xtreme 2SE : It lives up to it is a brand's good name by offering a total body workout in as little as half an hour. The unit allows users to move quickly between arm and leg workouts without the need for changing tension cables. It features an ab pulley and harness to build defined abs, a unique 5-way hand grip that adds flexibility, and an ergonomic adjustable seat for comfort. It also boasts resistance that is upgradeable to 410 pounds and 70 easy to learn exercises. Reach Your Ultimate Fitness Goals : If you are going to build a home gym, these are some of the home gym systems you should not miss out on. This selection of equipment will help you keep in shape in the comfort of your home. For more information, contact us. Read Also : What Are Popular Mind And Body Exercises Available At A Gym? 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