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Marijuana Moods and Mexico Do you know why marijuana and hemp derived products are illegal in the United States of America? The only reason for this is the combination of race, drugs, and drug policy that has propelled all of the drug scheduling in the United States of America that is done in a disproportionate, and problematic way. Unfortunately, everything wrong with America can be linked back to the racist history of this country and there is quite literally always a racist reason for whatever ails this ridiculous place, consistently. The only reason that marijuana is illegal in the United States is due to Mexican immigrants in the 1930s. The United States of America instituted a policy of strict segregation that placed whites atop society in the 1880s, after ten years of allowing African-Americans to be members of the legislative bodies that controlled this country. Sadly, white Americans have consistently found ways to exclude others and have created drug laws to match up with the prejudices they want to exist in society. The drug scheduling program was created to help states and citizens assess the relative danger of a drug. Sadly, marijuana is scheduled as a Class 1 drug, which means that until very recently, marijuana was argued by the United States government to be just as dangerous as heroin. Does that make any sort of sense to you whatsoever? It probably should not, because it is absolutely untrue that a synthesized drug created by the Bayer company is the same level of danger as marijuana. Sadly, in order to try to curb Mexican immigration due to white people being threatened by the high quality of work that Mexicans were doing, marijuana was made illegal to try to target the Mexican community and was buttressed by propagandist films full of racist garbage and lies like Reefer Madness. Cannabis Classifications Does this sound familiar to you? It should be because this is the exact same system that was used to exclude Asian-Americans as a result of the Chinese Exclusion Act, which was by that point the first racist immigration law that the United States enacted. The decision to make hemp and marijuana illegal was a direct response to that legislation that kept Mexican immigration to America legal on paper but targeted Mexicans with surgical precision, the same way that Asian-American immigrants were targeted despite the fact that Asian Americans almost singlehandedly built California. They were pigeonholed and lied about in the news media as people who were bringing and exploiting locals with opium, and thus, racism reared its ugly head again. The exact same technique was used to target Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Therefore nowadays when you purchase hemp products online, you are walking in a tradition of reclaiming the unfairness that has been doled out to numerous communities in America: simply put, if you are not white and you are out-working white people, they will find a way to call you lazy via the drugs and alcohol you use and will find a way to focus on an essentialist notion of who you are in order to lessen your social and economic threats to white people. Just like they used Asian-Americans and Asian immigrants to build their railroads and the Western states, only to discard these people when it was no longer convenient, Mexicans were treated the same way. Marijuana was thus used as a pawn in the battle to keep the United States of America as white as possible. Do you see the connections between how these people were treated in the past and how non-white people are treated in America today? People are quick to say horrible things about Mexicans to this day, and in 2015 when our 44th President declared his intention to run for the presidency, he used racist imagery and commentary about Mexicans in order to bolster his road to the nomination, knowing that it would likely be incredibly successful. One of the few ways you can influence American voters is to invoke some sort of racist notion, and it will help white voters to coalesce around that specific idea in order to create a problematic and scary voting bloc. Iconic Indica Indications Hemp oil is actually good for you and can be a great alternative to more addictive items that can be used as painkillers. Just as we rely on many hard drugs to get us through more painful episodes in life, hemp-derived products like hemp oils and hemp creams are now being used to help people through pain. There are even hemp creams and lotions that can be used by women to combat menstrual cramps, and many women who have been diagnosed with endometriosis have found that hemp and marijuana-related products have been instrumental in helping them combat the pain of their condition while also getting and keeping their pregnancies. In this way, hemp can truly change your life if you allow it to, and it is really important that you do so while knowing that our ancestors were discriminated against for no good reason other than typical American racism. Instead, nowadays we learn more about different cultures and the importance of hemp products to give us a new lease on life. There are probably other substances and items that could be really helpful to us that have been made illegal by Americans whose hubris and racism superseded their ability to recognize the importance of working together to make the world a better place. 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