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Great Masks during COVID-19

How to Get Great Masks during COVID-19

The Covid-19 experience has turned everyone into a PPE pro. It has become common sense that people should regularly wash their hands and wear masks when in public. In fact, the relevant authorities recommend these measures and social distance as most effective in curbing the high spread rate. Face masks have become a must-have whenever you go out for shopping, a trip, or a walk. Therefore, it has become essential to find a high-quality mask that will provide a better experience. Reach out to Source Ortho to buy online high-quality face masks. What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Mask? The fabric- Most of the masks commonly used by the public have at least two layers of breathable fabric. You can test the effectiveness of the fabric by shining a light through it. Choose a mask that does not inhibit breathing, especially the knitted and the vinyl and leather-made. Tight and multilayered fabrics are known to offer better protection than single-layered masks. Ease to wear- Aside from the material, the mask you choose should fit snugly, covering your mouth, nose, and chin. Leaving open spaces on these spots could provide a passage for the virus. Besides, the mask should not affect your movements and body balance. Therefore you should not struggle to talk, breathe or turn your head. Maintenance- Understand how to use and maintain your mask before deciding to buy it. Some of the readily available masks need to be washed thoroughly before reuse or disposed of after use. Washing your mask appropriately gets rid of potential traces of the virus. In the same way, the appropriate disposal of masks is vital in curbing the spread. Common Types of Masks- The different types of masks provide protection both for you and the public when worn appropriately. The masks act as barriers for respiratory droplets from people near you whenever they cough, sneeze, talk or shout. In the same way, the mask protects others when they block your droplets from the atmosphere. Cloth or Homemade Masks: These masks are mostly made from readily available clothing at home. Others are factory-made but with only one fabric. They may also include bandanas which are tied around the nose and mouth. These masks have been shown to filter out around 50% of the particles you inhale. The Surgical Masks: They are popular among healthcare workers and have become a common covering for the public as well. They come in white and light blue color and have shown to offer about 60% protection from Covid-19. The Kn95 Mask: These respirators are known to provide 95% protection from Covid -19 and have in most cases been preserved only for frontline workers. The kn95 mask has a superior quality that ensures that no air particles penetrate your mouth or nose as long as you wear it diligently. Mask wearing is one of the best practices that can keep you safe from the novel Covid-19. Choose the best type of mask for peace of mind when visiting public places. Ensure that you also follow other health guidelines to enhance protection and curb the spread. Read Also: Kennedy’s Pharmacy In Botany Masks Assortment: Surgical, P2 And Multiple Use Washable Masks Types of Commedia Character Masks 5 Different Things You Can Try During Quarantine Home Maintenance Plans And Cleaning Tips During Covid-19