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Term Life Insurance

Some Kinds of Death are Not Covered by Term Life Insurance

When you think about life insurance, you think about the financial security it will provide your family when you die. What most people don’t think about is the fact that there are certain types of death that are not covered by term life insurance. Term life insurance is the most common and affordable type of life insurance policy. With term life insurance, you are covered for a specific number of years before the policy expires. You then have the option of renewing it. If you die during the term, however, your insurance will provide death benefits to your beneficiary. You should know that term life insurance policies have some coverage exceptions – particularly when it comes to the type of death. This is an important consideration as you purchase a life insurance policy, or if you are continuing to manage one. Deaths Not Covered by Term Life Insurance There are certain reasons why your term life insurance won’t payout upon your death. These coverage exceptions can be a hassle for beneficiaries and loved ones who rely on your life insurance to cover medical, funeral, or burial expenses. Deaths that may not be covered by your term life insurance policy include: Fraudulent Deaths If you commit life insurance fraud or someone lies about the cause of death, your life insurance company may refuse to pay death benefits. It is important, to be honest, and forthcoming when applying for life insurance about any medical conditions or dangerous conditions you are in. Dangerous Hobby-Related Deaths If your lifestyle is dangerous or you have dangerous hobbies, these activities may affect your life insurance. For example, certain pilots are required to opt-in for special aviation coverage in order to get life insurance. If they are killed in a flying accident, beneficiaries will not get death benefits. If you regularly engage in dangerous hobbies – bungee jumping, scuba diving, or free-climbing – you need to inform your insurance agent or carrier upfront. You may be required to list these hobbies or opt into additional coverage. You may also have a higher premium. Be honest, even if it does mean a higher premium. As noted previously, if you lie on your application or about the cause of death, your beneficiaries are the ones who will suffer. Murder If one of your beneficiaries murders you with the intent of collecting your insurance money, they won’t prevail. The Slayer statute prohibits death benefits from being paid out to anyone who murders or is tied to the murder of the insured. If this happens, death benefits will be distributed to your contingent beneficiaries or your estate. Suicide Most life insurance policies have a “suicide clause”. This clause states that if you commit suicide during the first two years the policy is active, then the policy will not cover the death or pay death benefits. This is designed to prevent individuals from obtaining a policy and then immediately committing suicide. If the death is possibly suicide, such as a drug overdose, then the insurance company may deny coverage. They will have to prove that the insured committed suicide (the death was deliberate) and not the result of an accident. Make Sure You Understand Your Life Insurance Policy As you can see, there are a variety of situations that could result in your life insurance refusing to pay death benefits to your loved ones. You should talk to your insurance agent to find out specifically what is and is not covered by your term life insurance policy. Make sure your insurance agent is up-to-date on any medical conditions you have or any changes in your hobbies or occupation. Doing so can help prevent your loved ones from experiencing the unfortunate scenario that is a life insurance coverage denial. Read Also: A Detailed Guide to Cashless Car Insurance Policy Insurance- Need of the time How Private Hire Insurance Takes You Out from Problems? Self-employed Health Insurance: Best Types for Every Freelancer

Insurance Broking

UAE Insurance Authority Sets New Regulations for Insurance Broking

The UAE Insurance Authority has rolled out new draft regulations for insurance brokerage and online transactions. This draft has 13 chapters and 38 articles that explain insurance broking like governance, registration and licensing, the insurance broker and insurance company roles to the broker, insurance broker’s roles, solvency, mergers, financial reports and disclosures, supervisions, dispute settlements, and penalties. Who is an Insurance Broker? The new draft law defines an insurance broker as a juridical individual who intervenes in insurance or reinsurance activities between the insurance/reinsurance proposer and an insurance/reinsurance company and receives a commission from the insurance/reinsurance company. The provisions of the new draft apply to distribution channels, companies, and any other insurance-related business approved by the authority. These regulations focus on shielding policyholders and guarantee that they receive value for their money by purchasing various products. The New Insurance Law Provisions The new insurance law requires an insurance broker to adhere to these regulations for electronic transactions. Criteria for Insurance Brokerage Licensing A company must be established in the United Arab Emirates and registered based on the Commercial Companies Law. The company should own a share capital of AED 3 million or more. You need to pay AED 10 million or more and register with the UAE Commercial Law if you run a branch of a financial Free Zone or a Foreign Company. You can consult a law firm in Dubai to help you with these procedures. It is mandatory to submit an unconditional Letter of Guarantee from a bank; this is paid on demand to the Insurance Authority chairman board of directors. This can be fully or partially liquidated to guarantee the broker’s settlement of transactions and obligations. You must obtain an insurance policy to cover your profession at a value of AED 2 million for UAE companies and a minimum of AED 3 million for a financial Free Zone or a Foreign Company branch in the UAE. You must appoint the administrative and technical staff continually. You need convenient headquarters, software, and technical systems for your profession. It is also mandatory to have an internal control system to govern applications of laws, regulations, resolutions, and circulars in adherence to the Insurance Authority regulations. The next step is to submit the agreement between you and the bank, pay the full fees, and comply with any extra regulations. The Insurance Authority approves or rejects the application within 20 working days. Technical and Administrative Staff The technical staff of an insurance broker has specific regulations. It is a requirement to appoint at least 1 General Manager, Internal Auditor, Operation Manager, and 1 qualified worker for each type of insurance. Below are the qualifications for the appointment of technical and administrative staff; A natural individual enjoying full capacity An individual of good conduct; never been sentenced for freedom restricting punishment in a moral decadency crime without rehabilitation. Pays his commercial debts even if not declared bankruptcy. You need to notify the Insurance Authority of appointments, transfers, terminations, or modifications within 60 days. Roles of the Insurance Broker You must make internal by-laws and submit a copy to the Insurance Authority Dubai offices within 3 months after obtaining a license. You must review and update the internal control system continually; this ensures that you have proper laws, regulations, resolutions, and circulars. It is necessary to design an Operations Guide for periodical updates, risk management, and review it according to the rules. Create a professional code of conduct for the staff and supervise and plan their duties according to the Insurance Authority (AI). Collaborate with the internal controller to enable employees to perform their tasks and report any violations to the authority. You can only dismiss the internal controller by the board of management or board of directors’ decision; this happens if you notify the internal controller and IA of the dismissal at least 30 working days before the dismissal. Penalties The IA developed penalties so that insurance brokers do not violate the instructions, regulations, laws, and circulars.  If you violate any laws, you receive a warning that compels you to remove the infringement and ensure this does not happen in the future.  The IA might suspend you from practicing for a maximum period of 1 year. The Insurance Authority cancels licenses in the following incidences; Violating any license conditions Gross breach of your obligations Failure to renew your license (delay paying fines or failure to pay renewal fees) A final bank declaration associating you with bankruptcy The dissolution and liquidation of your practice Failure to practice your licensed profession within 6 months after obtaining the license If you obtained your license through false information. The insurance sector in the United Arab Emirates is expected to rise; this is why the Insurance Authority issued new regulations to govern insurance brokerage. Brokers have to adhere to set regulations or face penalties. Technical and administrative staff also has to meet various qualifications. This allows brokers to have a set of laws to refer to. Read Also: Insurance- Need of the time 5 Top Tips to Help You Hire The Perfect Attorney

Types of Insurance

Four Different Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options for insurance on the market, all telling you that you must get a policy? Insurance is the best preventative measure you can take to help protect yourself against unexpected emergencies that could be very costly if you are not insured. Although insurance might seem like a nuisance when you do not need it, should you need it, you will be thankful that you are covered. Below are four different types of insurance policies you should have. Four Different Types of Insurance Everyone Needs: 1. Auto Insurance Not only is having auto insurance required by law, but it can also be very costly if you get into an accident. The types of auto insurance you can choose from include: Liability insurance covers the costs of property damage and injuries if you are responsible for the accident. Some states require that you purchase a minimum amount of coverage, so you should check with your state. Collision covers the cost of damage to your vehicle no matter who is at fault. Comprehensive insurance covers losses and costs that are not caused by an accident such as fire, vandalism, or theft. Insurance companies base their coverage quotes on your risk level and how likely you are to be subjected to theft. In general, the more coverage you want, the higher the cost. Did you know that a car tracker can possibly reduce auto insurance premiums? A car tracker uses technology to message you if there is any movement of your vehicle. Some systems can also send an alert directly to the police in real-time, making it easier for them to find your stolen car. Using a tracking system tells insurance carriers that you take security seriously by reducing the risk of theft. It also increases the chances of finding it quickly should it get stolen, incurring lower costs for the insurance company and potentially offering you lower premiums for coverage. 2. Life Insurance The best way to help protect your family’s financial security is to carry life insurance. Which type of insurance you choose will depend upon many factors, including your age, your unique needs, and how many family members are financially dependent on you. If you have a spouse, parents, or children who will face financial difficulty if you die, you should make taking out a life insurance policy a priority. Life insurance policies cover the costs associated with dying, such as mortuary and burial fees. It can also cover debts such as loans and mortgages and offset lost income. Purchasing life insurance can be difficult and confusing to figure out how much and what type of coverage you need. You should think about speaking with a professional who can explain the available options and help you choose a life insurance policy that best meets your needs. 3. Health Insurance The high cost of healthcare today makes getting health insurance necessary. Coverage ranges from doctors’ appointments to hospital visits. Even though health insurance can be expensive, not having it could potentially become an overbearing financial burden. Serious illnesses or injuries that result in a lengthy hospital stay can easily cost five-figures.  Every adult should have some form of health insurance, whether they get it from their employer or purchase their own. Most children are covered under one of their parent’s insurance plans. 4. Homeowners Insurance Homeowners insurance protects your possessions and home against theft or damage. Also, most mortgage companies require you to have this coverage to be eligible for a loan. Although homeowners insurance policies vary according to where you live, most typically cover repair damage caused by risks, including: Fire and smoke Theft Frozen plumbing Severe weather Water damage from heating or cooling systems, plumbing, and water heater Depending upon where you live, other types of insurance might be necessary. For example, if your home is in an area prone to flooding, it is highly recommended that you purchase flood insurance. There is a large variety of insurance policies with different coverage options, features, and prices. When shopping for insurance, do so carefully and make sure you understand the cost and coverage. Read Also: How to Get Low Cost Life Insurance for Seniors How To Choose The Best Auto Insurance Company? Self-employed Health Insurance: Best Types for Every Freelancer

construction company

Surprise Costs to Consider When Starting a Construction Company

Starting a Construction Company, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, is always a time of excitement and promise. Visions of success and growth can often cloud your judgment or lead to rushed decisions but it’s important to take things slowly and consider everything before moving forward. New businesses are the most vulnerable so taking everything you can into account is key to long-term success. For construction companies, in particular, there are a few key cost considerations to keep in mind, highlighted below. Considerations to keep in mind when starting a construction company: Insurance: Firstly, it’s essential to acquire the correct insurance cover for the construction service that you are supplying. More so than your average office worker, there are additional insurance costs associated with construction businesses due to the nature of the job. In particular, personal injury and property damage cover is a crucial aspect of running your construction business. Hopefully, the correct use of safety equipment and staff training will avoid the need to make a claim but regardless, all insurance will need to be in place before you deliver your service.b Training: Speaking of training, this can be a big extra cost if your team isn’t fully qualified to deliver the services that you intend to offer. Construction training varies in specification depending on your goals or needs, but avoid pinching pennies on this front because poor or lack of training will only cost your business more in the future. Look for providers of courses from universally recognized bodies, for example, IPAF and PASMA training courses are some of the most popular around the globe. Ensure that your team is fully prepared to deliver your service before starting your business, that way you can be confident that whatever the demands of the job, they can handle it safely and maintain a good quality service. Contractual Legal Advice: From contracts to a privacy policy, many new businesses and organizations tend to take other templates and then adapt them for their own company. Whilst this is the cheapest option, there are dangers of loopholes being present that could cause issues in the future. It’s always recommended to ask a legal professional to check your key business documents and contracts for legal compliance and accuracy. This can be quite costly but is an investment for the future, so it’s worth it. Licenses and Permits: The construction industry has many different facets and areas of expertise. Along with all of these different types of service comes a range of different legislation, rules, and regulations that must be followed. Ensuring that you keep to these regulations is essential, which means acquiring the licenses and permits required to deliver your service. Depending on what your construction company is offering, different licenses will be necessary to operate legally. If in doubt, consult legal experts to be sure as a fault in this area could seriously jeopardize your business’ future. Tax: Finally, whilst not a major immediate cost, thinking about how tax is going to impact your finances is a key consideration to keep in mind. Wherever you are in the world, businesses usually have some kind of tax to consider and ensuring that you can pay this tax whilst still making a profit is crucial. A best practice, particularly if your tax is percentage-based, is to set up your bank account to automatically transfer your payable tax amounts out of your account and into a new one. This helps ensure that money you need to pay is left untouched and also prevents the unhappiness caused when you see your bank account decrease drastically. Whilst these considerations are far from the only ones to keep in mind, they are some of the most important. It’s always best to be overprepared rather than underprepared, so take your time when starting your construction company. Read Also: Investing In Property Is Investing In Your Future 4 Questions To Ask From Your Home Relocation Company

hire Insurance

How Private Hire Insurance Takes You Out from Problems?

It is always expected that you could also think that you have some sort of problem such as you are thinking that you could also be insured in a proper way, but you are not insured. These are some questions that pop up in your mind often. If these thoughts are coming to your mind daily, then it is a great time for you to make a review of your insurance policy plan. You need to make a choice of Private Hire Insurance for your vehicle or taxi which would take out all your problems or worries. Importance of Private Hire Insurance Policy: Being a public hire taxi or vehicle driver, you could also suffer from an unknown passenger since they do not have the idea that who they would be picking up. On the contrary, these private hire taxis or vehicles are basically pre-booked and the benefit of these insurance organizations provides you a break for making in advance. It is surely a long journey of selecting your booking and your customers as well. Know About the Liabilities as Well: There are many people who get worried about the loss of business due to cases of liability and many payouts as well. If you see the courts of the UK, then you would see the history of forgiving the man and punishes them in a tough way who does not follow rules. You do not need to take a risk and you also never make your company a target of any problem or mistake. If you make the right and suitable choice of Cheap Private Hire Insurance as it would mean that you are protecting your business and permitting yourself to great money. This insurance provides you the protection of your all demands and requirements. In the calculation of this, you do not aspire to have any type of sort of stress or tension like legal support or liability protection since it would be protected in your pocket. You Get Various Opportunities: Private hire insurance also provides you with various opportunities in the business world and you could also make your great sort of reputation at the protect end without having any required expensed. If you are a taxi or vehicle driver then it is obvious that there would also be some issues that are obviously a part of everyone’s life. You always get coverage so that you could also get customer services easily which would be great and amazing for you indeed. Conclusion: You are also supposed to make yourself sign up with the suitable and best insurance policy so that you could also get relief from any sort of type of stress of problem. If you get an insurance policy, then it would also provide you peace of mind and it also takes your problems away which would be beneficial for you surely. You must know all the information as it would help you to get the right policy for insurance. Read Also: 5 Tips For Transport & Logistics Business Owners Before Investing In Insurance Learning How To Choose The Best Merchant Account For Your Burgeoning Insurance Company Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

car Insured

Things to Consider While Getting Your Car Insured

You will be piled up with the lowest rates and the offerings of cheapest insurance as soon as you start to look around for the best cheap car insurance company. Some crucial factors need to be considered while diving within the circles of affordable car insurance. It is required to be careful in the selection of the most appropriate coverage and features that would be making the car insurance meet every need that is there to have better control of the rates that are involved. It is also very important to search for a company that would give you fair, instant, and reliable customer service at more affordable rates. If you have spent some time understanding the requirements that you have prior to the purchase of the policy then you will surely come across affordable car insurance. State Laws They should all be in accordance with the state laws when it comes to the best start point, as you should know the lowest amount for insurance coverage rate. In most of the states of the US, car insurance is mandated and all of them have different requirements that would provide coverage to the risks depending on the type of car, total distance traveled, your driving record, and the number of people who have used your car. All of these will be considered while deciding upon the type of coverage, you would require and they all depend on your state law. Know the present value of your car You should also have a sound understanding of the current value of your car. Depending on the model of the car, the car insurance quotes would generally vary a lot. When it comes to the safety features, theft, repairs, and claims on collision, there are cars that are charged high premiums. The car insurance can be well affordable with the safety measures that are there on the car, so, premium costs would generally vary a lot. Coverage that shouldn't ignore Depending on the age of your present car and your specific need, additional coverage likes that of the Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist, collision, comprehensive, and EPO plan are all taken under consideration. Once the car has crossed 8 years then it would simply make no sense to keep the collision coverage. Once the car has crossed 10 years then comprehensive coverage should not be undertaken. The logic here is simple. That is, the insurance company will not be a great amount once the factors such as the depreciation as well as the deductibles are counted any claims would be subjected. You also need to stick to the coverage if you think that you might not be able to bear the expenses involved to replace or repair the damaged car. This is the same that happens to both the uninsured and underinsured coverage for the motorist. When you are involved in the case of hit and run then these things do comes in handy. The reputation of the company You need to ensure that you have run a background check over the financial reputation of the company that you look forward to getting insured with as you need to check on the reputation as well as know the complaint index, make sure that you have read some of the testimonials as well as the reviews about them. The last thing that you need to do is to go ahead with a company that would be offering affordable car insurance but backs out on the shortchange of your claims. Consider Additional benefits There are companies out there that offer several benefits in place of discounts that would actually make up for affordable car insurance. You will be receiving a 27/7 insurance claim hotline, waiver of the deductible where the accident is not caused by you as this way you will be saving a lot of money. For more information, you can visit generalinsurance.com Read Also: Car Insurance: What You Need To Know Before Taking The One! Why You Need Classic Car Insurance?


5 Tips For Transport & Logistics Business Owners Before Investing In Insurance

You need to make sure that you have considered how you will buy insurance before you get started managing your company. Most people who run a large business like this think that they just need to get insurance for their vehicles, but you should be a bit more clever with the insurance that you buy. There are some steps below that will make your life much easier, and each of those steps will be easy to follow because you only need to have a look at what your options are when talking to an agent. Let the agent guide you and realize that you have a lot of things that actually need an insurance policy. Insure The Vehicles First When you work with a company such as Connect Business Insurance, you will still insure the vehicles first. You need to have insurance if you plan to send the vehicles on the road. You need to get the vehicles valued and insured properly so that they can be replaced on their own. A lot of companies just own the trucks, and you are hauling someone else’s trailer. Even if you own your trailers, they get their own insurance when you have the policies written up. Insure The Trailers You can insure the trailers with no trouble because they have their own value in and of themselves. When you do not own the trailers, your partner needs to insure their own trailers. They will cover the loss of the trailer in the event of an accident, and you can move on to other types of insurance that will actually pay to replace the items that are in the trailers. Property Loss Insurance You can get property loss insurance that will pay for the loss of anything that was in the trailers in the first place. When you are getting a policy like this, you need to get a general replacement value that could be used for anything that you are hauling. All you need to do is keep track of the things that are in your trailers because that will help you file the claims in the future. You also need to remember that you must have these manifests ready for any insurance claim if the partner is paying for the loss of property. Profit Loss You can take out business insurance that will be used to pay for lost profits. When you need to shut your business or stop using trailers or trucks, you can use insurance to pay for lost profits. This is how a business can afford to stop working when it has an emergency. You also need to remember that these policies have different values based on how much you think a lost day of work is worth. Let the agent value your workday for you so that there is no confusion. Use The Agent Often You should use an agent in all cases because that is the only person who can properly value your policy, write the policy, and offer customer care. Read Also: How To Choose The Best Auto Insurance Company? Have You Paid Enough Attention To Liability Insurance When Launching Your HHA Business?

car insurance

Get Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Today, getting the insurance done is very difficult for the young drivers. Insurance provides a shield from any type of financial loss which occurs due to uncertain risk. The insurance companies have set very strict rules for the cheapest 18 year olds car insurance. Even the insurance companies have also information collected with them about the driving behavior of the teens. The data collected with them is in very informative and in detail. All the details like traffic and the accident violations are with them including the driving conditions, driver details, nature of the accident and car information. This helps them in predicting the behavior of young drivers. Car Insurance Interest Rates: The data is used by the company so they charge a high rate of interests especially from those who have age less than 25 years. So the young drivers have to get the same policy at high rates which are provided at a lower rate to the experiences ones. They also do not have liability coverage. It is always better to get the quotes of the cost by which you will also be able to determine the price in advance and the budget can be set accordingly. The rates can also be compared with it. Car insurance for the 16 years old is mandatory and for them it is important to know the saving time and insurance cost. The rates change drastically as a lot of factors are taken into consideration like vehicle owned by a teen or not and the state you live in. If you have the driving education course completed then also you can enjoy the discounts.   The average rate for the car insurance for 17 years old depends on the car you drive, the place where you live and the coverage which you get. For the teens a separate policy is also there which is basically based on coverage limits. The discount is also provided if the parents also monitor the driving skills of the teens which can be really beneficial.   18 years old can get the affordable car insurance if they have good driving record along with the no violations of the accidents. Car insurance is a huge expense for them and they have to work really hard to afford the insurance liability. Only then they will be provided if they will be fulfilling the minimum requirements needed for the car insurance.   There is difference in car insurance for the 19 years old males and females. The young males have to pay more than the females because statistically it is considered that the young males are more risky drivers. Rather there will not be much difference between the premium paid by the males and females.   For the 20 years old, the insurers have to determine whether they have risky drivers or not as the twenty years old drivers are not teens anymore. It is very important to find the right insurer and also determine the insurance which you need. The Best Car Insurance Company: Cheap auto insurance provides you the best insurance policy with the help of professional assistance. You can get the market’s best insurance discounts and the deals. It is very important to spend money on the right insurance policies which will also help the teens in the long run. There are a lot of insurance policies offered on which you can focus. The car model also has an effect on the price of car insurance. The price also depends on the safety features in the car as this will lower the risk of a claim for stolen vehicles. The young drivers can easily get insurance at affordable rates. Read Also: Best New Cars For Teenagers How To Choose The Best Auto Insurance Company? Tips For Reducing Car Insurance Costs Why You Need Classic Car Insurance? Road Ready: 5 Essential Things To Keep In Your Car 4 Expert Tips For Finding The Cheapest Insurance For You

insurance company

The perfect auto insurance company just for you

Car insurance is a requirement for anyone who, well, owns a car. But with a huge variety of insurance brands and companies offering different types of coverage in across the United States — some more affordable than others — finding the perfect automobile insurance company suited to your needs can seem daunting, especially if you’re trying to save money while also not skimping on great service. When searching for car insurance, it’s important to keep in mind that the most credible and trustworthy automobile insurance company for a friend or relative may not be a good match for you. And then, as if to complicate matters further, every state has its own minimum protection requirements. On top of all this, if you have financed your car, your lender also typically requires enough coverage to protect its collateral. It becomes much easier to get a clear rundown of the best car insurance companies when you look more closely at customer satisfaction and complaints in the form of transparent, crowd-sourced reviews. The research comes in many forms, after all. Here are a few pointers and guidelines to help get you started on the path to finding the car insurer that’s perfectly suited for you. Different Ways To Select Auto Insurance Company  1. Compare car insurance rates: As a general rule, don’t simply buy from the first car insurance company you come across. It’s absolutely necessary to compare the insurance rates of at least 4 to 5 companies (both large and small) before you make any final, binding commitments. If you’re busy like the rest of us and would prefer to save valuable time, take advantage of online services available to compare car insurance quotes from your top picks instantly. 2. Check Your Central or State Government’s Insurance Department Website: Each state government has an automobile and traffic insurance department responsible for regulating, moderating, controlling the car insurance companies within the state boundaries. Their websites can be a valuable source of information on complaint filings, licensing information, and many of them even make automobile insurance companies file insurance rates and other paperwork, making it public knowledge. In other words, you can see how regularly each insurance provider sends requests to the government to increase its rates, along with knowing the moments on which the states grant permissions, or rejects their requests. Clearsurance offers additional car insurance information for all 50 states plus Washington, D.C., taking much of the tedious grunt work out of discovering the top-rated companies, most popular insurers, and minimum car insurance requirements to be a legit and legal driver in your state. 3. Look into companies financial standings: It is important to remember that car and other automobile insurance companies are indeed financial institutions, so familiarizing yourself with their ratings by insurance and financial analysts is a great way to understand how strong the financial foundation of a company is. Put another way, you want to be sure the car insurance company you choose to cover your vehicle is not stretching its financial resources or covering or offering unrealistic figures just to be successful. Companies committing to extravagant figures in the industry is not unheard of. 4. Check out Real Customer Assessments and Reviews of Automobile Insurance companies: Your satisfaction with your car insurance company will stretch beyond simply financial details and transgress into other important considerations. Knowing and understanding what their existing clients think of them as a whole, in terms of service, affordability, relationships, credibility, is equally important. Be on the lookout for pointed information, like how easy it is to file an insurance claim, how easy (or difficult) it is to reach a representative of the company or the agent, and speak with them, and how long it takes to settle a claim of insurance once it is made. Customer service should never be underestimated as the great measuring tool that it is for determining the car or automobile insurance company best-suited to your needs! Clearsurance.com is the only crowdsourced website dedicated to providing a transparent, trusted look at today’s insurance market — thanks to over 125K consumer reviews. What better place to start your search? Read Also: Tips For Reducing Car Insurance Costs 7 Reasons Why Teenagers Pay Extra For Car Insurance Car Insurance For Electric Vehicles Explained

Role in Disability

8 Factors That Play a Role in How Long-Term Disability Premium Is Calculated

Even if you know how beneficial long-term disability insurance can be, you may not know what to expect as far as rates are concerned. It’s not easy to just throw out a few figures; rates vary from one person to another, and they depend on various factors. Below, we’ll explain some of these factors in greater detail. 1. Your Age As we age, we’re more likely to suffer a long-term disability. Because of that unfortunate fact, insurance rates increase with age. Keep in mind that your cost for long-term disability insurance will never be as low as it is today, and consider purchasing a policy as soon as possible. 2. Your Income In the long-term disability insurance niche, the terminology is a bit misleading; it should really be known as ‘income insurance’. Because it is designed to protect or replace your income, it pays more if you make more. Therefore, rates are higher for those with elevated incomes. In most cases, long-term coverage costs from one to three per cent of your gross yearly income. 3. Whether You Smoke Those who smoke are more likely to become disabled in the future. Not only do they pay more for health and life insurance, but they also pay more for disability coverage as well. If you smoke, consider quitting; if you don’t smoke, don’t start. 4. Your Job As a worker, your long-term disability insurance rate is determined based on your job’s risks or physical demands. For instance, if you’re an office worker, you may pay less than a manual labourer would pay. 5. The Definition of a ‘Disability’ Every policy has a unique definition of the term ‘disability’. Most question whether you can do your previous job, or whether you’re unable to do any work at all. The looser the definition, the more you’ll pay for coverage. A policy covering ‘own occupation’ disabilities will pay out if you can’t do the same work, even if you could hold a different type of job. However, a policy covering the ‘loss of earnings’ will bridge the gap between your pre- and post-disability income. Finally, an ‘any occupation’ policy will only pay out if you cannot perform any type of work. By considering this from Darras Law, you will get the help needed to encourage your insurer to fulfil its obligations.  6. The Potential Payout While your policy’s cost will, of course, depend on your income, not all long-term disability policies pay 100% of what you make. Some pay just a fraction of that amount; the closer the policy comes to a 100% payout, the higher the rate you’ll pay. 7. Elimination Period Length A policy’s elimination period is sometimes referred to as a waiting period. It’s the time that has to pass between the onset of your disability and when the policy starts paying out. A policy may come with a 30-, 60-, or 90-day elimination period, and those with shorter periods will cost more. 8. The Benefit Period A disability insurance policy’s benefit period is the length of time it will pay out following the waiting period. Two- and five-year policies are common, as are lifetime policies and those that pay out until retirement age. The longer the benefit period, the more the policy will cost. In Conclusion Now that you’ve gained an understanding of the factors affecting your long-term disability insurance rates, your next step should be to determine how much coverage you need. While an insurance agent can help you find a new policy, a local disability attorney will help you get the benefits to which you’re already entitled. Read Also:  4 Expert Tips For Finding The Cheapest Insurance For You Your Simple Guide To GAP Insurance Tips For Breaking Into Finance And Banking

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Why You Need Classic Car Insurance?

Do you have an old or classic car you would want to insure? When we mean old, we are not talking about 5 or ten years old cars; we are talking about cars made before 1998. If you have such type of car and plan to ensure them to keep their value, there are certain things you need to know. Find out whether your car qualify for classic car insurance Generally, normal car insurance doesn’t have provisions for insuring a classic car. If you need to insure your classic car, may have to take another car insurance policy. For an insurance company like American Insurance to consider you and your car for classic car insurance, there are certain criteria you need to meet. The car must not be your main vehicle. You must have another car you drive more frequently. You should also have a valid driver’s license and secured structure you store your vehicle. Obviously, the car should not be more than 25 years old. If your car is older than 20 years since it was manufactured, you are no longer dealing with a classic car but an antique one. How is the insurance amount determined? Again, your normal car insurance provides coverage up to the actual value of the car. But for classic car insurance, the insurance amount is determined by you and the company. This determination is based on the valuation of the car by research carried out by an underwriter, a professional appraisal, or a classic car valuation guide. What a typical classic car insurance policy covers As stated earlier, a classic car insurance policy differs from the traditional car insurance policy. Apart from providing cover for damage to the car, there are other benefits you can gain from a classic car insurance policy as outlined below. If your personal items are stolen or vandalized, you will be reimbursed If your car is due for the car show but breaks down, the company can offer to pay for your expenses Emergency travel expenses Lost key return Emergency lockout services Roadside assistance Emergency flatbed towing Some companies like American Insurance can cover all of the items listed above while some other classic car insurance companies may provide cover for some. When selecting the best classic car insurance package, it’s important to consider what their policy covers and what it doesn’t cover. That way, you will be able to determine whether the policy is right for you and your car. Difference between normal car insurance and classic car insurance There is obviously a significant difference between your normal insurance policy and a classic car insurance policy. Let’s find out some of those differences. Depreciation or appreciation Your normal car loses value as it gains mileage. But a classic car may appreciate in value, especially when it has been properly maintained. However, your antique car starts depreciating once it has been insured.  Based on this reasoning, you are going to receive a lower amount of indemnity if your antique car is totaled (completely damaged) in an accident. Mileage restrictions In classic car insurance, there are certain restrictions placed on the number of times you drive your classic car. However, a normal car insurance policy doesn’t have any mileage restrictions. Lower premiums Classic car insurance premiums of insurance companies like American Insurance are significantly lower than normal car insurance premiums.  Sometimes, they may even be lower by 45%, although this depends on other factors as well. Conclusion Owning a classic or antique car is certainly a great investment of your money and time. However, ensuring such a car shouldn’t be much of a hassle for you. There are policies you can take to effectively give protection to your classic car. The above information will be helpful to you when looking for the most ideal option when taking up a classic car insurance policy. Read Also :  7 Reasons Why Teenagers Pay Extra For Car Insurance Tips For Reducing Car Insurance Costs  

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7 Reasons Why Teenagers Pay Extra For Car Insurance

Car insurance for teenagers is more expensive than experienced drivers. Teenagers, who are at a very young and vulnerable stage of life, often lack any formal driving experience. They learn the skills of driving in this age and polish it with practice. The motor vehicle associations understand the susceptibility of their age and therefore the cost of car insurance for teenagers is higher. In order to understand this concept in detail, we have laid down 7 reasons that “why teenagers pay extra for car insurance”: No Proven Track Record of Driving The insurance companies consider the driving history of the applicant before issuing insurance premiums. In the case of teenagers, there is no proven track record of driving. Since they are at the beginner’s stage of learning, there is no evidence to support their expertise on the road. The risk factor stays high in this case. In general, the people who have proven driving track record without any mention of traffic violations and accidents in their names can avail significant discounts on their car insurance policies. The insurance companies need some statistical proof to make a judgment about the driving skills of applicants- which is not possible in the case of teenagers. Therefore, they cannot assume whether the teenage driver is a safe or reckless driver. In order to cover their risk, they raise the cost of car insurance for teenagers to ensure some safety measures. However, at the age of 19, the insurance plan becomes affordable as you already have 1-2 years driving experience by this time. You can get car insurance here for 19 years olds. Lack of Experience It takes time in learning a skill and achieving expertise in it. Learning to drive certainly takes more time and effort as we face different situations every day on the road. The young drivers need to dedicate a lot of practice hours to polish their skills before they can take their own vehicle independently on the road. The amount of time spent behind the wheel is a considerable factor in enhancing the driving abilities of young drivers. In the case of teenagers, their lack of experience can put them to test while facing real-life driving situations. Their reaction time may be slower than an experienced driver which is much needed when you are in actual driving practice. It is often seen that the young drivers get into a panic very easily when they face unusual situations on the roads. There are research studies to support the fact that most of the accidents that involve youngsters are due to their delay in reaction to the situations that prevail. Emotional Distraction Young people often get stuck with emotional issues. Their vulnerable age often brings out the “rebellious” attitude which may result in anger, sadness, extreme happiness, excitement, overreaction, anxiety, etc. They have very less understanding of dealing with their own emotions which may cause serious troubles while driving. For example- despite many public advertisements, youngsters use their mobile phones while driving. The overconfidence can lead to the accident-prone situation very easily. Youngsters often pool their vehicles and go for diving expeditions. Mutual talking and discussions while driving can distract their attention from the road. It is also common for youngsters to appreciate unusual sights on the road and get diverted from their driving spree. Insurance companies take these facts into account and use substantial proofs to put forth their risk level before issuing car insurance to teenagers. Increased Tendency Towards Speed and Racing There is no denial of the fact that teenagers love formula races and speed games. When they sit behind the steering, they get tempted to race with the cars on their track. Sometimes they have their own bunch of friends racing while driving. The scientific studies have reported that teenagers are easily aggravated by smoking, drugs and alcoholic tendencies. Under the influence of these factors, they may be instigated to adopt risky behaviors while driving. The understanding of the risks and their implications can be attained only with age and experience. The insurance companies state that the lower rates of premiums for the experienced drivers are supported by the statistics that prove that they are less prone to accidents as compared to teenage drivers. The Risk of the Insurance Companies The teenage drivers are at a higher state of financial risks for the insurance companies. The higher the probability of being at risk of accidents raises the probability of higher expenditure of the insurance companies. Therefore, in an attempt to cover the risks associated with the young drivers, they raise the cost of the policy. The Statistical Proofs We have already discussed various factors that may cause teenagers to become riskier while driving. It should be mentioned that our studies are based on statistical findings from various reports. These reports emphasize the high probability of teenage drivers being involved in road accidents. The data has been collected by the years of research that bring the car insurance firms at a higher edge of risk. The Make and Model of the Vehicle We often get to hear that the teenagers are gifted their “favorite vehicle” on their birthday or any other occasions. Although this practice is popular in rich and affluent families, these days even the middle-class segment has roped into the trend. Thanks to the easy loaning facilities! However, parents often forget about the risk associated with allowing teenagers to drive new and expensive cars with high-speed parameters. The insurance companies charge more from their clients who want to purchase insurance of a premium car for their teenager ward. The reason is clearly stated- higher speed parameters of the vehicle are directly proportional to the high financial risk factor of insurance companies. Conclusion Teenagers pay extra for car insurance due to the high amount of risk associated with their age and the levels of maturity. There are facts to support the rash driving incidents leading to fatal accidents in many cases that involve teenagers. Therefore, the higher rates of insurance are just a precautionary measure by the insurance companies. They intend to ensure that the applicant, as well as the company, must be fully prepared to deal with the possible risky outcomes due to driving errors. Higher is the risk of the insurance company, higher is the cost of the premium. Read Also :  Tips For Reducing Car Insurance Costs Tips To Lower Your Insurance Costs