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10 Benefits of Birth Control and How to Choose Which Form Is Best for You

When it comes to sex, minimizing worries is the key to maximizing enjoyment. The last thing you want is doubts about your birth control creeping in at the worst possible moment! Of course, there’s the obvious concern — pregnancy. Maybe you’re not ready to have a baby now, or maybe you don’t want kids at all. Either way, you need to find the birth control method that works best for you. Fortunately, there are lots of hormonal contraceptive possibilities. From pills to shots and more, they control your estrogen and progesterone to keep you off the pregnancy path. But wait — there’s more! These methods offer lots of other benefits you may not know about. Consider these other seven advantages when deciding which birth control option best suits you. 10 Decisive Benefits of Various Forms of Birth Control  1. It Lets You Plan Your Periods Has your period ever surprised you on the day you wore those new white pants? Choosing hormonal birth control can keep those “oopsie!” moments from happening again. When taken correctly, these forms of birth control let you track exactly when your period is coming. In fact, the birth control ring, patches, shots, and pills let you choose when your cycle shows up. They can give you lighter periods over time, and you may be able to skip your period altogether. Just remember, you must use these forms of birth control consistently for them to work. Pills are taken daily, shots are administered every three months, and patches and rings get changed every three to four weeks. Now, if you want to conceive, it is necessary to stop the consumption of OCPs for at least three months. All other types of birth-control measures should be dismissed too. 2. It Makes Period Less Painful If you are having an active sex life and choose a pill to ensure contraception, you can dramatically avoid period pains. So, it is all about staying happy while you are on a regular dose of OCPs. Actually, the pills augment your hormones and end up restricting ovulation. As a result, your uterus stays calm and does not go through painful contractions.  3. It Can Zap Zits Hormones play a big role in the pimples that pop up on your skin. If you struggle with a bombardment of blemishes, you’re in luck! Hormonal birth control manages, not surprisingly, your hormones. When acne medications fail you, it could be worth talking to your doctor about using this strategy. Pills that contain both estrogen and progestin can reduce the amount of androgen circulating in your body. Since androgen spurs the production of sebum, the oily substance that clogs pores and causes blemishes, having less of it means fewer breakouts. Correct use of a combination pill (as opposed to the minipill) can help keep acne at bay. 4. It Can Allow You to Manage Your Migraines Millions of Americans get these head pounders every month. If you’re in that unlucky group, the pain could be enough to keep you in bed for a day or two. Contraceptives can help you regulate the hormones that trigger that pulsating pain. These birth control options stop your estrogen and progesterone from dipping too low. With enough of these hormones flowing through your body, you can limit the discomfort and tension in your head. Ask your doctor if it’s OK for you to use hormonal birth control, though. Depending on your medical history, it could increase your risk of stroke. 5. It Can Protect Against Some Cancers A cancer diagnosis can strike fear in your heart. So it’s important to know if — and how — hormonal birth control can up your risk. When it comes to pills and IUDs, there’s both good and bad news. With hormonal contraceptives, you ovulate less, limiting your hormone exposure. That can cut your ovarian cancer risk by half. If you stick with birth control for at least four years, your uterine cancer risk drops the same amount. Those reductions can last for decades. Unfortunately, hormonal contraceptives do bump up your breast and cervical cancer risks. The good news is that it’s a small increase, and it’s temporary. If you stop taking birth control, you’ll have a normal risk level again after five years. 6. It Helps You Avoid Anemia If you get your period, you’re going to lose at least some blood. Heavy flows can present a problem, however. The more blood you lose, the higher your anemia risk. When this happens, you don’t have enough red blood cells, leaving you tired and weak. Remember the benefit mentioned earlier — those shorter, lighter periods? By controlling your cycle, hormonal birth control lowers your anemia risk. If you’re still fatigued, though, ask your doctor to check your iron level. You may need additional medication. 7. It Can Halt Unwanted Hair Growth Although your main hormones are estrogen and progesterone, your body does — as noted earlier — make some androgen, too. It’s the male sex hormone. That means you might see some unwanted hair growth. Sure, you could pluck it (ouch!), but hormonal birth control could keep much of it from growing altogether. The estrogen and progesterone in these birth control options can reduce your androgen level. Formulations with high estrogen concentrations work well to control male-pattern hair growth. Typically, within six months, that unsightly hair fades so much that you hardly notice it. 8. It Can Moderate Mood Swings If you have a few days every month where you feel “off,” just know you’re part of a big club. Millions of women struggle with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) every cycle. The hormonal swings responsible for these feelings are natural, but you don’t have to grin and bear them. Birth control can help. 9. Helps You Avoid Ovarian Cysts Any hormonal birth control measure can help you avoid the complications related to ovarian cysts. These cysts are not potentially dangerous, but they can often raise severe pain in your pelvic region. Now, hormonal birth control measures stop ovulation, and that restricts cyst formation. So you can get rid of the pain. Even oral contraceptive measures can stop the further growth of ovarian cysts. 10. Birth Control Measures Minimize Endometriosis Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrial tissue-lining grows abruptly at unusual places in your reproductive system. Now, it starts bleeding monthly and causes severe pain.  Continuous consumption of birth control pills can help you manage such abnormality. Birth Control Measure: The Best Choice Specifically, the pill may be your best bet. Finding the right one, though, may take some time. Right now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has only approved one pill (Yaz) to treat PMDD. Several others can address PMS, so a conversation with your doctor can help you pick the right one for you. Choosing your ideal form of contraception can be a complex decision. There’s lots more to consider beyond preventing pregnancy. Frequently Asked Questions Which Form Of Contraceptive Is Considered To Be The Best? The implants and IUDs are the best birth control measures, according to the doctor. What Three Things Should People Consider When Choosing A Form Of Birth Control? The three things that every person should consider while going for contraception are: The existing relationship type The type of lifestyle The number of offspring already present What Things Should I Think About When Choosing A Birth Control Method? When choosing the birth control method,  you need to consider the potential hazards, health conditions, and user-friendliness. What Are The Benefits Or Advantages Of Using OCP for Birth Control? OCPs are effective not only in controlling birth but they can reduce acne, menstrual complications, and endometriosis. Wrap Up This list of benefits can help you determine the other advantages you’d like to get from your birth control. A discussion with your doctor can help you pinpoint which option is your best fit. Even you can find your doctor prescribing contraceptive pills to you if you do not have an active sex life.  You should not be puzzled in such a situation and consider it as a preventive measure for various complications. Read Also: How Does Recreational Marijuana Affect Your Sex Life Just Not Feeling it? Tips for Getting Your Sex Drive Back How Women Can Boost Their Libido and Improve Their Sex Life What Are The Types Of Sex Offenders?