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What’s New And Innovative In The Realm Of Perfect Wedding?

The perfect wedding captures the personality and style of the couple. Tying the knot doesn’t always follow specific traditions. Ceremonies can get crazy. And that’s when the fun really takes hold. Your wedding should be yours. If that means a black wedding gown, mimes wordlessly greeting guests and the groomsmen wearing clown noses, then go for it. Don’t follow the rules of the planning guide…detours from the norm make the biggest and best surprises. Today’s ceremonies and receptions include so many unique and customized moments and details. Ever heard of WeddingChella? The event was a three-day festival-themed wedding held in the desert and featured morning yoga, a silent disco, glamping…and, oh yeah, guests could bring their pets! Who wouldn’t want to secure an invite to that wedding? Trends come and go, but the authentic flavor is forever. When planning your own wedding, let your mind run wild. Think outside the tulle and candelabras and brainstorm your own incredible event. Need a little inspiration? Check out these ideas: 1. A Picnic Blanket Reception Who needs tables and chairs when guests can plop a squat on a picnic blanket? Buzzfeed highlighted some of the most ‘unconventional’ wedding ideas, and, really, the picnic blanket reception rocks! Guests were given their own picnic basket of dinner…or lunch…and each blanket also included a pillow. 2. A Clown Wedding In Portland, two clowns were married in a most unusual ceremony. According to GoLocalPDX, the event featured…a six-foot cockroach! The dress code required guests to come in costume (apparently ANY costume), and the “best woman” was the Tooth Fairy. Forget bubbles, birdseed, or rice, because this wedding included clowns throwing toast at the couple! 3. A Wedding Carnival Love carnivals? Host your own…wedding style. Take your guests to a fun-filled reception where they can nosh on hot dogs, popcorn, funnel cakes, big pretzels, cotton candy, and ice cream. Bring in a company to host games and hand out wedding-themed prizes. You can even include a bounce house for the kids…or the adults! 4. Game Day For the couple who loves video games, host a gamer wedding. From the moment that Dave proposed to his longtime boyfriend, he knew they would love to the idea of a different and fun wedding night. He even had their wedding rings personalized and engraved with the colors of the Mario Game. This couple completely embraced Mario and included a Nintendo-themed cake, candy tokens hidden in a Super Mario Brothers box, and seating charts featuring the game’s characters. Even the invite included the game-centric theme. 5. Cosplay Wedding Theme the wedding to include a love of cosplay. Have guests dress up as their favorite characters, and include a cake designed with images from a favorite show or series. Take the theme as far as you’re willing to go! Couples who adore Anime can even exchange MokumeGane wedding bands; MokumeGane was once used to make swords in Japan. 6. An Extreme Wedding Exchange vows skydiving, on a roller coaster, or at the water park. A couple’s passions should be included in their wedding, and if saying “I do” from thousands of feet up in the air feels right, then…jump! Wedding ideas are infinite. Weird, crazy weddings are everywhere, and yours could be next. You don’t have to wear the white gown, walk down the aisle to Canon or serve guests the traditional entrees. Bring on the food trucks, the costumes, the airborne toast and plan a wedding that is incredibly outrageous…and totally you! Read Also: Finding The Perfect Place To Have Your Wedding Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path? – Top Utility Jobs