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What are the biggest lies in survival movies

Survival movies can be a great source to learn new skills and helpful survival lessons. But sometimes we delve into the engaging plot without noticing obvious lies and tricks. Discover what major lies in movies are frequently left unnoticed. A pistol with a damper shoots silently : The truth is, the real shot can spread the wave of 160-decibel sound. This range is unacceptable for human ears - you can permanently damage your hearing. If you stay next to a working firearm, it will be loud enough for your whole body to shudder at its sound. The muffler or a damper can reduce the noise to 120-130 decibels, which corresponds to the sound pressure level of the jackhammer. It is still loud enough to cause physical pain if the source of such sound is close to you. Chloroform can instantly make a person unconscious for a couple of hours : To lose consciousness, a person has to inhale chloroform for at least 5 minutes. He or she can wake up anytime - this method is very unreliable. Furthermore, the inhalation of chloroform causes nausea. Turning over a table will keep you safe from gunfire : In most occasions, even a thick wall will not be a good idea to save you from a hail of gunfire. Sinking people usually call for help loudly : In fact, it is very difficult to notice someone sinking, like water, especially cold, can prevent people to cause noises and make harsh moves. In the case of Titanic, it was nearly impossible to survive; but if you cry for essay writing services there is no reason you won’t get it in the era of the Internet. You can move effortlessly when everything behind you explodes in survival shows The shock wave and the explosive energy will not allow you to do this. The energy is quite capable of breaking internal organs, which can cause great injuries. Automatic gunfire is easy to avoid : You have probably seen that in some movie: there is a burst of gunfire and your favorite hero escape it easily. There is no doubt that you want your favorite hero to be saved, but come on! Is this possible? Of course, not! The truth is, it’s not that easy to avoid gunfire and escape unharmed. You can shoot from two pistols simultaneously Such shooting is ineffective, as it will be extremely difficult to hit the target and control the recoil. Any padlock can be opened by gunfire A small bullet is not able to penetrate the thick arch of the padlock. The padlock mechanism is complicated. Thus no bullet can magically cause the crash. A defibrillator can revive a stopped heart If the heart stops, the defibrillator will not help on such an occasion. In fact, it may burn up the heart muscles. Only when the heart beats unevenly, then electricity is used. Truth serum can urge you to speak the truth   There is no such serum with the help of which you could force a person to tell you their deepest secrets. There are only special psychoactive substances that work so that it becomes more difficult for a person to control themselves and, therefore, to lie. Landing in a large rubbish container won’t harm your body It is a typical situation when the main characters of our favorite survival movies jump out of a skyscraper’s window and survive by landing in a dumpster. The truth is that jumping from a great height; you will break your neck. You can easily chat during a parachute jump : Remember those romantic scenes where the couple jumps from 7 km height with a parachute and chats casually all the way down? The reality is that they won’t be able to hear each other voices because of terrible air roars around them. You can pull the pinout of a grenade with your teeth : If you try to do this, you will break your teeth, because the pin is not easy to pull, as it is from steal. Don’t buy into miracles – there are lots of survival films, but they don’t always reflect the real state of things. Enjoy your favorite action films with a little skepticism! Sandra Hayward is a content writer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and currently, she is working towards my Master’s thesis. She is a passionate traveler, and during 2017 she has visited more than 12 countries. She shares experience from traveling in your valuable articles, posting them on a personal web page.