Are You a Taurus? 8 Things to Know About Yourself

Are you Taurus? then What words come to mind when you think of a bull?

Strength. Power. Intensity. Sublimity. All of the above!?

Contemplating the character of this immense animal is a useful first step to understanding the qualities of a Taurus too: that illustrious second sign of the Zodiac that bears the symbol of a bull.

Here are some quick facts for you. Taurus’s are born between April 20th and May 20th. Their element is Earth. Their planet is Venus. Their lucky gem is an emerald.

But what does that all mean for you? What are the specific Taurus traits that might shed some light on you and your personality?

Let us help! Keep reading to find out the 8 key traits of this particular star sign.

1. You’re Independent:

Any Taurus-born is fiercely independent.

Strong and resourceful, Taureans can walk through life confident in the knowledge that they have the qualities required to handle any challenges that arise along the way. Taurus doesn’t need to rely on the support of others in such situations. They can quite happily navigate any obstacles alone.

That said, they have strong social ties too. Their magnetism and strength of character draw valued friendships and bonds between loved ones.

2. You’re Hardworking:

Taureans are known for their hardworking characteristics too.

Bulls symbolize work ethics, strength and power. All of these traits translate into an individual who strives to do their utmost to succeed in a task. Their resilience under pressure and willingness to achieve, all stacks up to create someone utterly committed to working hard.

There’s a reason we talk about ‘grabbing the bull by the horns’. It speaks to initiative, perseverance and seizing the day. Through hook or crook, a bull will get you to where you need to go.

3. You’re Dedicated:

There’s no going back once a Taurean decides on a particular path.

We’ve already seen how you’ve got a hardworking nature. But it’s possible to work hard for a short period of time, before quitting. That isn’t in your character as a Taurus!

Far from it. Think of a bulldozer. Why do you think it’s called that? The image of this mechanical beast pushing, breaking and overcoming obstacles is the exact image that comes to mind when a Taurus gets its teeth stuck into a task.

Simply, there’s no stopping them.

4. You’re Patient:

Nothing will stop a Taurus from achieving what they set out to.

This is partly to do with their dedication and commitment. But it’s also thanks to the quiet patience that runs like a thread through their personality.

A Taurus knows what they want and that one day they’ll get it. And they’re willing to both work hard and wait for the privilege of that achievement.

Taureans are patient with people too though, and, for that matter, in almost all other aspects of life.

5. You’re Sensual:

Taurus is one of the most sensual of star signs.

There’s a hedonism to their pursuits, making sensory pleasure paramount. From touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound, Taureans place a high value on sensory gratification. There’s an intensity to a Taurus. Beauty is big; satisfaction is sought-after.

As you might expect, love-making is passionate and important (check out these tips on how to improve your sex-life). There’s a tendency to fall hard for someone though, which can lead to challenges for the smitten Taurus. Without due care, the intensity behind their emotions can lead to a neediness that can harm the relationship.

Sound familiar? Consider checking out your Taurus horoscope for clues on how to navigate the situation.

6. You Can Be Stubborn:

Taureans have a reputation for being stubborn and bull-headed at times.

Which makes sense, given the star-sign! Ever tried to get a bull to back down? It’s no mean feat. It’s the same with a Taurus. However, there’s a fine line between stubbornness and extreme commitment. Some might argue they’re two sides of the same coin.

That’s definitely the case with a Taurus. You’re extremely committed, but that can easily be misconstrued as stubbornness.

7. You Can Be Lazy:

You might be wondering how someone can be hardworking and lazy at the same time.

It’s a fair question! But Taureans pull it off adeptly. Again, think about a bull.

Can you imagine trying to get a bull to do something it doesn’t want to? Conversely, with the bit between the teeth, try stopping them from getting what they want! A Taurus creates their own destiny.

They’re utterly dedicated and committed to their own endeavors and they’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. The issue comes when someone else’s needs enter the equation. Operating under authority can be a challenge.

It’s difficult to persuade these zodiacal bulls to behave in the sole interest of others. It isn’t malicious. It’s simply a conflict of interests between the needs of self and other.

8. You Can Be Indulgent:

A Taurus’ independence and hardworking nature often lead to the ability to earn a lot of money and be self-sufficient.

Think of it as the antidote to your hardworking nature.

There’s a hedonistic side to you. It feels good to indulge in decadence and material pleasures. You’re prone to treating yourself. From long spa days and lust-filled encounters to eating rich, beautiful foods and so on, you like to feel satisfied.

Do You Possess These Taurus Traits?

There you have it: 8 Taurus traits to help you understand you and your star sign.

A Taurus is an intense individual with a life characterized by extremes. Your positive qualities far outweigh the negative though. You’re hardworking, dedicated, sensual, patient and independent. You’re high achieving and exceptionally popular to be around as a result.

Your internal drive can make you stubborn though. Your commitment to your own goals can make you seem lazy to others as well. And your hedonistic desires can lead you to overindulge at times.

However you walk through life, you can be sure of having an adventure!

Hopefully, the information here will have helped you understand yourself a little better. We’d love to hear about it if so! Can you see these traits reflected in who you are? Which one do you relate to most strongly?

Let us know in the comments!

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