Think You’re Funny? How to Get Started as a Comedian

Do you think you have what it takes to become a comedian because you have a good sense of humor? Do you love the feeling you get entertaining your friends and family as they laugh at your jokes? Are you willing to bet that you have what it takes to become a comedian full-time? Traditional comedians had to build a career in comedy clubs, but today’s comics have many outlets available professionally that makes this an exciting job path to pursue. If you have the confidence, an upbeat personality, and fresh comedy, you can hone your skills and freelance for hire at to build your reputation. Here’s how you can do it all on your own.

Polishing Your Comedic Skills:

Comedic Skills

Comedy is an art. Very few comedians can get up in front of crowds without preparing. The way many of them do it is by practicing and polishing comedic skills. Comedians take years to perfect their performance and hone their skills by taking classes like acting or public speaking. Most also spend time on the comedic circuit earning their name. It isn’t profitable, and there is a high likelihood that an audience won’t always react as you intend. That’s a part of career building.

It’s also how many comedians learn to adapt their dialogue, learn rejection and enhance their comedic writing skills. Today’s comedians, however, aren’t standing in front of their mirrors to practice. They have access to new-age jobs like hosting events, how-to industry networking and social media influencing that is all profitable. Comedy is the key to information delivery and comedians are finding alternative solutions like event hosting to perform and entertain.

How to Get Started A Career As A Comedian? 


Standup comedy is all about content and its delivery. Unlike other industries where you are a part of a team, comedians have to do everything from writing their jokes to marketing and booking. While it sounds grueling, your success comes down to a single thing: your joke quality. You’ll find that performance carries the greatest weight and a viral clip on YouTube will boost your reputation in the comedy industry quickly. Before long, you will build a brand and following.

In the meantime, what do you do to make money? You put your skills to work by marketing yourself to businesses that need comedic entertainers. While you won’t do a standup act, you will be able to spread your performance out over the event and play on what is happening at the moment. By nature, people love funny things, so it is the perfect venue to get started as a comedian. A business audience is also more forgiving, so you have room to adapt your routine.

Look for opportunities to build your comedic brand like open mic nights, comedy troupes and improvs. These are the type of venues that allow you to make mistakes and learn from the growth. Research jobs like writing or event hosting that will keep you going financially until you get your big break. You’ll smoothly go from hosting business events to award shows in no time.

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